Cutting The Budget: Week 1 (March)

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Hosted by Shari over at Delighted Reader. It's a great way to keep track on that book spending limit we seem to set ourselves up on, but never seem to follow...

Quite a start in March. I've decided no to purchase any books this upcoming week....kinda of giving myself a retreive from book buying, lets see how I do :) 

Happy Sunday Sexxy's!

Beginning Balance - $30.88
Book TitlesPricesSourceTotalEnding Balance
Exit Strategies by L.V. Lewis$1.06Amazon Purchase$29.82
Make Me Bundle by Various Authors$1.06Amazon Purchase$28.76
The Tycoon's Socialite Bride by Tracey Livesay$1.06Amazon Purchase$27.7
Vampire Vacation by C.J. Ellison$0Amazon Purchase$27.7
Nights of Steel by Nicco Rosso$2.13Amazon Purchase$25.57
Alfonzo by S.W. Frank$4.27Amazon Purchase$21.3
Lonely Heart by M.J. Kane$4.27BN Purchase$17.03

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  1. Poor sweater; it didn't last two seconds clean! LOL According to the Walking Dead Wiki, Beth is officially 18 years old, so it's Go-Time with Daryl! LOL Finally they give him a relationship - poor guy! Carol was just too old for him IMHO and the producers thought so, too, or we would have seen sexxy scenes like Glenn and Maggie have. I saw the Talking Dead, too and agree that J.B. Smoove was hilarious. I thought they brought an interesting point up on the class struggles in the country club where the workers revolted and killed all the rich people. I definitely didn't get that from the show, but I'm glad they explained on the talk show. Not missing another Talking Dead epi from now on! Loved the overdose of Daryl, but why couldn't we see a flashback with him all dressed up and clean?! Ugh! Never enough Hahaha --- See ya next week, Ladies :)

  2. omg...thank you Julie. Someone finally feels like I do. Carol is waaayyy to old for Daryl and yes, I think we should at least get a flashback of him before all of this happened, lols. I still like the idea of him & Beth 2gether. Hell, I'll take him with anyone else besides Carol.

    Oh, I remember that. I honestly didn't know what to take away from that when i saw was nuts though.

    Im looking forward to 2nights episode though, it should be exciting!

  3. You know Shari, I was thinking Daryl and Michonne too...I would love to see that. But then the went off course, so now I don't even know. I know from the comic books, Michonne is still alive so I hope that they don't kill her character off, I love her too. No Daryl was never in the cbooks and I find it so funny that he has become a fan favorite. I love Daryl though. They all reflect such realism in their character roles, i think thats why everyone is so taken with the show.

  4. It's not that I want Carol and Daryl together, I just really loved their friendship, but Beth and Daryl...HELL NO! I wouldn't mind him with Michonne. Let them be romance!

  5. I hear you Lori :D But my my dear, did you see Talking Zombies 2night...even Maggie doesn't mind! Hello! lmbo! you guys know how I feel about

  6. I did! Idk, I have a hard time believing in a romance between them, a friendship I totally get but no romance. Beth's a liability...LOL Tonight's episode had me on edge!

  7. O...M...G! Lori, I was screaming! you hear me? screaming. I know my neighbors hate me, but I don't even care, lols. intense girl! intense!