Cutting The Budget - Week #4 (February)

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Hosted by Shari over at Delighted Reader. It's a great way to keep track on that book spending limit we seem to set ourselves up on, but never seem to follow...

Because I only had .88 cents left for the month, I didn't visit any websites and I avoided those sale emails. As soon as I got them, I deleted them...lols. So this past week was $0 in buys. I go into March with $33.88, hopefully I will do much better.

Happy Sunday folks!

P.S. Thank you guys for visiting the blog this week while I was away from the computer. The beginning of the week was stressful for me and I just wasn't in the mood to do much of anything. I'll be doing my blog rounds today :)

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  1. Sorry you had a stressful week. It seems to be a regular assurance with me lately. I too have been deleting book deal emails. I just sometimes can't resist and in reality I never get to read most of them anyway. It's a new month. Onto more books!

  2. thanks Shari :D luckily I was able to get some reading done too. I know right? most of the time some of the books just sit. Yep new month, new reads...I'm looking forward to it.

  3. I hate it that I sometimes know what happens in the comic books and how the show goes different but at times is the same, lol. So I thought this episode was slllloooowww and I actually fast forwarded some of the scenes. I have to record it and watch it later since the kids aren't allowed to watch and my husband is behind this season.

    I love Michonne. Slowly getting her history is ok, because she is drawing Carl out from his own funk and being a real parent times to this child without treating him like a kids. I am so mad at Rick right now and I don't totally understand why. I wonder if the men who were in the house will come back in later episodes.

    Then Glenn and Maggie...I am kind over this relationship. It has its problems...and then some, but these two just aren't interesting any more. I miss the Glenn we met the first season. And Maggie is just one messed up lady.

    I am ready for more Daryl tonight. Yep, he needs a shower, but after that, I am ready for him to be his hunky self.

  4. Sorry you had a lousy week, Sharonda! I hope the books you read gave you a little escape. Way to stay strong and not peek at the temptations in the email box. I did good too. I ended up in the hole by $1.50, but that's not bad. Good luck for this month.

  5. thanks Sophia! Girl, I had too...my wallet wouldn't let me, lols. I actually finished the Battaglia Mafia Series. Should have my review up tomorrow.

  6. You know I will be there b/c I want to know what you think of that series...letting you be the guinea pig. Haha!

    My wallet thanked me for holding strong too.

  7. I have got to get my hands on the comics...Okay its getting got this week and I'm keeping it out of my book budge because It will definitely go over it for the whole month of march. I feel the same way Shari, she's giving something to Carl that Rick can't and I miss the old Rick from the first season...we need him back. This man? idk. I'm done with Maggie & Glenn. I get what Ana is feeling, my sister feels the same way, but i'm just done with them as a couple. Lawd, they are boring me to death.

    Girl, I'm so ready for Daryl & Beth, I don't know what to do.

  8. lmbo! guinea pig I will be :D. It was good too...so good.

  9. I do it to Shari all the time. We read many of the same books and sometimes I'll wait to see what she thinks before I leap in and get it. We don't have the same tastes, but I know her tastes enough to guess how I will like it based on what she says.

    I'm glad you had a good time with the series. After reading Sempre, I'm more in the mood to try another Mafia story.

  10. the author I think set this up as a mini series...something like a TV show. Lots of things going on but it was all brought together good.

  11. Okay, yeah that's good to know. I don't mind serials, but if you're not expecting that style writing it can be a shocker.

  12. Definitely looks like suicide :( -- This episode was slow, and I felt it concentrated on issues I really didn't care about. Where was Daryl?!? LOL I guess everyone is making their way to that sanctuary. Wonder what they will find there and who's going to be in charge? *hugs* Ladies!

  13. Lols...everyone is missing Daryl. Yeah. They will all meet up ...lets just hope its soon



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