February 2014 Monthly Wrap-Up (Monthly Reads, Challenges...etc...etc...)

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Well, this post is a couple of days late o_O

Time got away from me and really the last week of February was so damn stressful, I really didn't feel like posting anything. So...here I am with what went down.

Books Brought -

There were a total of 23 books for both my Kindle & Nook

Challenges -

---> 1 series (Battaglia Mafia)

---> 10 Books

---> 2 Books

Books Reviewed -

---> 11 including 4 books from the Battaglia Mafia series.

I was jacking around earlier in the month and did a little side bar updates. Mainly just tweaked the title...adding images along with the words. I didn't pick a book of the month for Feburary, but I sure as heck already know what Im picking for March and that Sienna Mynx's Battaglia series...that series is off the friggin chain! Click on the CenterStage tab for more :D

And I'm not tooting my own horn, but Ms. Mynx recognized my video review, even stated it her vlog update and posted it on her website!. I was all excited. But, its just so good to see an author taking the time to give readers/reviewers a shot out, you know? We see so much negativity sometimes around the blogosphere when it comes to reviewers so it was just awesome to see that.

So salacious readers...that's it for me. I mean besides my promo posts for various tour companies...its been a regular ride for me.

Catch you guys in March...hopefully we can see Spring a bit early. I'm about tired of all this dang on snow and coldness.

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  1. Aw that's so awesome of her. Total reader girl squee! Not a bad month at all Sharonda and pish. Fashionably late with the post. You can totally make that work. lol

  2. OMG...Anna, I was too excited. *squee!!!!!* I'm still in awe over that 😊

    lols...Thanks Anna <3

  3. The end of February totally snuck up. My summary didn't go out until this week too. I do it on purpose to make sure I include everything even the last few days. pffft, no not really, but it sounds good. You even improved on January with historicals and got in that whole mafia series.

    That is so awesome that Siena recognized your vblog post. Not that its expected, but it is soooo nice when authors give praise like that. And to put it on her own blog? Yeah...fabulousness.

  4. ikr? the month went by so fast, its crazy. Thats actually a good idea Sophia, I know I forgot something in my post, I always do..lols. I did pretty good, I'm happy I was able to get some of my challenges out of the way.

    Isn't that great? I thought it was pretty dog on cool of her. Exactly Sophia, but like you said, its always nice to see :D

  5. Doing good, but I totally get not feeling much like blogging. I went through a slump really bad last week and into this week. It seems my personal life is just too busy at I felt behind and not liking any book I was reading. I need a good book to wow me...and I just am not finding it lately.

  6. thanks Shari and yep... thats exactly how I felt. Too many personal things were going on and I just felt bleh. I'm glad I started a series that I ended up loving though.