Quote-Tastic #17 - Under His Kilt by Melissa Blue

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This week quote is courtesy of  Under His Kilt by Melissa Blue. I came across Ms. Blue while reading the Den of Sin series...fudging loved her work and the other authors, so I will be picking up their books along the way as well. And since I have a thing for scots....


So we come in where Jocelyn is finally making it know to Ian that she wants him on her bucketlist of "to do" things. But Ian has rules...he doesn't sleep with co-workers. Joceyln wants to break that rule, badly.

"But it's me you want, isn't it?"
Her steps froze at his words, but a corner of her mouth crooked up. "Depends." She faced him fully and saw he'd put down the ax.
"On what?"
"Whether or not you'll break your rule."
"And what rule would that be?" he stalked forward, to her.
Her heart jumped in her chest. "I assume it's something along the lines of you don't sleep with coworkers."
"Took the words right out my mouth. So, I'll say this once and I want you to believe it, down to your toes." He made another predatory step toward her. "I want to fuck you. Not make love or anything else with flowery intent. No. Fuck. The kind that's sweat and cum soaked and breaks some furniture in the process."

Now...that?! that is my kind of dude. Oh yes, honey...panties would be hitting the floor!

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