Review: Lonely Heart by M.J. Kane

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Source: Self Purchased
Published: March 5, 2013
Author: M.J. Kane
5 Prince Publishing
Series: The Butterfly Memoirs #3
Sex: R - Strong Sexual Content
Genre: Interracial Contemporary Romance

The third book in M.J. Kane's Lonely Heart series, this is Kaitlyn's story. We pick up with Kaity pregnant and moving out of her boyfriends Luke apartment after she discovers that for all his talk of getting married and having a family, he is really just all talk.

So she moves out and has made the decision to raise her baby on her own. When her car breaks down, she meets Antonio Rodriguez who is her neighbors grandson. He works as a mechanic at this uncle's auto shop and helps Kaity when she comes in.

These two become instant friends as Antonio goes above and beyond while fixing Kaity's car, there is also a attraction between them. But like I said Kaity is pregnant...very pregnant, I mean about to pop pregnant. And she still feels the rejection from Luke, so when Antonio starts to show interest in her...she's a little wary. She's stressed with a new job and oh, yeah...her younger sister comes to live with her too.

Kaity didn't have a good home life growing up so I think when she was in relationships she was looking for something her father didn't give her and her sister at home. She wanted to feel wanted and their father didn't give them that. So when Luke literally walked away from her and his responsibility, it made her question her worth...this also made her wary when she dealt with Antonio who was a totally different male.

Antonio...hmmmm, I liked him a lot. He was straight and to the point. The man stepped up and helped his dad raise his younger sisters when their mom passed away...this man took care of his family. He knew Kaity was something special when he first saw her and wanted her from day one and yes even with her being pregnant with another man's baby. Without him, I really don't know how Kaity would have gotten through her stressful times. The man literally saved her and her baby's life.

So when her jackass of a baby daddy (because that what his ass is) decides AFTER he sees her with Antonio,  that he wants back in her life. Really now? After months of not showing up..after months of avoiding phones calls. Pfft, homeboy could have kissed my booty. And this is pretty much how Kaity felt, but once again, Antonio being the man that he is...convinces her that Luke needs to be involved.

Kaity has a decision to make. Does she go back to Luke so that Chloe can have her mother and father? or does she go with her heart and stay with Antonio, the man who loves her and who isn't trying to change her...the man also loves her daughter as his own?

Loved the story and the characters and like I've said before, I love that M.J's characters are just regular hard working folk with everyday problems like you and me. It was nice to see some series regulars like Ebony and Jocelyn too.

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  1. Oh gosh I soooo love that MJ song! If the story is anything like the feel of Butterflies, I'm all for it!

  2. This sounds great, I'm a fan of Greek mythology intertwined in books :D

  3. I was listening to it and it just clicked for this Review.

  4. It was good Melissa. I enjoyed just about ever book in this series..except the first one. Wasn't a fan of the heroine.

  5. I wasn't familiar with this series. It sounds good and to me, Kaity shouldn't even have to consider that question of who to end up with. Keep the the keeper guy and let the other one have his time with his child if he wants it. Thanks for sharing, Sharonda!

  6. see that's what I'm saying Sophia.. no picking at all! oh Kaity was frustrating to read sometimes. it's a good series...I like it Alto, although I will say the ffirst Book is my absolute favorite .

  7. Good to know that the series starts out strong.

  8. Ooh yeah I remember you talking about this series. Damn it sounds like she really knows how to write a man! Gah I love guys like Antonio. I've got all of these on my tbr pile (this one added now too) hopefully one day I'll get myself all caught up. lol

  9. girl! what?! Gah! she know how to writ a man...lolls. And they are just regular hard working joes...I really do love that the most about her male characters.

    I hear you Anna, I got so many books to read it's crazy!