Review: Rock Star Lover by Yvonne Nicolas

Friday, March 21, 2014

Source: Self Purchased
Published: March 21, 2014
Author: Yvonne Nicolas
Series: Carnal Desires
Sex: R - Strong Sexual Content
Genre: Interracial/Multicultral Contemporary Romance

Well...well...well now. I've read Yvonne Nicolas before, a couple of books in her paranormal series, The Dragon Queen and I loved them. So I saw she was hosing a FB party on a new release...I was like okay. And then...low and behold, it was a rocker romance. Now! I've been looking for some rockers in my life and since I read her work before, I figured hell...let's give it go. I'm glad I did.

Put a Rocker and a R&B singer together and what do you get? I don't really know, but I thought I ask the question...lols!

You have Aubrey who sings R&B and Ripp who is the rocker. Oh, and this is a interracial romance, but I'm guessing you figured that out when I asked my crazy question above. This is a short...about 58 pages and a oh so sexxy romance so I'm not going to give you much, but I will tell you this...

Aubrey and Ripp have known each other since they were teenagers...been friends foreva, right? But they also love each other and guess whose holding up the damn romance? Aubrey! Girl! I wanted to shake her beyond shaking. I mean the man has professed his love! what the? Girl, Girl, Girl! I wish like heaven a blue eyed...blond haired devil angel would sing to me? shit, my pants wouldn't hit the floor fast enough.

*coughs* enough about my horny ass, lets talk about this book. Anyways, Aubrey is scared of Ripps rising rocker status which causes her to hold back telling him exactly how she feels...smh. this causese our couple much heartache and troubles.

So what will Aubrey do? will she marry that man she doesn't really love? Or will she get over herself and take that blue eyed devil singer by the hand and FINALLY make him hers?

This lil short packs some good shitniz, I read it in one sitting. Dontcha just love when you can do that?

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  1. Snikies! Another girl with her head on backward. Apparently, true love is as common as cornflakes the way people run from it in these books.
    Haha! Love your review, horniness and all. I need a few more rocker romances for my reading challenge and short stuff makes it better with my schedule. Thanks, lady!

  2. lols... yup. oh Man, I wanted to shake her. she wasso stubborn. right?! lols, at least Ahriman caught a clue quickly enough.

    lols.. thank you sophia. now I gotta find some more rocker reads 😄

  3. LOL what is with these ladies?!! They need a good pinching with that shake because seriously some of these men? Lordy! Yums! This one sounds like fun though I love when they've known each other for practically ever. One of my favorite troupes to read about :)

  4. pinching...shakes. Im telling, I thing these authors are trying to give me heart palpatations...lols! It was a fun read and Ripp was just..hmmmm, girl I mean, I can have good dreams about him!

    Me too Anna, I love the whole friends to lover thingy and this was even more special because they were friends since like high school