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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Welcome back to another zombified week of Talking Zombies with Ana & Sharonda. Today we will be recapping on Sunday nights episode: S04E13 “Alone”

Ana: ERMERGERD. JUST…. ERMERGERD. #WhereIsBeth #PoorDaryl #NewGroup #Anticipation xD obviously I’m conveying all of my frustrations through hashtags.

Sharonda: Hey ladies

Well dang got enough in? lols. I’m torn about Beth, I need to know where she is and who has her like stat. OMG, Daryl...wth was he thinking opening that damn door like that. This new motorcycle muscle heads...idk, this can’t be good just can’t.

Lori: Hey Ladies! Thanks for inviting me to share my thoughts again! I wasn’t so upset about Beth…(don’t judge me!) I was more worried about these crazy f***ing biker guys killing Daryl! They would have definitely killed Rick, Carl and Michonne if they’d had a chance.

Grace: Hello everybody I thought it was a good episode. Lots of things happened this episode. I find of the Maggie was very  front and center.

Ana: I don’t know how I felt about Maggie. I mean, I love her and all, but…the epi was basically her ditching Sasha and Bob just to end back up with Sasha and Bob. I guess you can say it’s kinda similar to a few epi’s ago when the whole epi was about Carl realizing that he NEEDS his dad. He can’t survive without his dad regardless of his “I’m grown up now” attitude. Which I think is kinda good for these filler episodes, but again, like last week, they’re dragging and it’s driving me nuts.

About Beth… *tears trickle down face* I’m upset. Daryl totally let himself go for a minute. He let his guard down. He opened that door without checking! That all could have been deal with. I was scared that he was gonna get bitten. And when he got out and Beth was taken… sigh…. SIGH!

Sharonda: Maggie...Maggie. I know she needs to find Glenn, but she needs a cool head too. This episode was reckless to me and I just don’t understand why she would leave like that. I mean what if, you know? I thought it was selfish. And Sasha worked my nerves too, but I understood where she was coming from. Because what can you do in this world when you think you lost someone or someone has left you? I am glad that she found Maggie and they had their heart to heart and I’m so glad they both had Bob. Who would have thought he would be the cool head in all of that?

I just don’t know what to think of Daryl and Beth. They throw this damn plot twist in and, we wait and with only three, THREE episodes left. We don’t even know how this is going to play out. Daryl definitely let his guard down, which is so unlike him and now Beth is missing and shit. Man, this episode killed me.

Grace:  I kind of was upset about Beth being kidnapped She might be in Terminus.

Well, Bob’s been alone before and I think he realizes  that traveling alone  is not a good idea.  like Maggie’s message to Glen. Very smart of her. Don’t like the previews for next week. I can’t stand  Beth. so annoying.

Lori: Maggie is kick ass! I mean I do struggle with the fact that she’s kind of forgotten she has a sister at this point, but I think she probably thinks she’s safe with Glenn wherever he is or the rest of the group. Nothing will come between her and her husband...I love their love! These two people would have never been together before the zombie apocalypse and it’s great to see how much they’ve both grown and changed.

Bob is just plain weird! The guys has been a part of a few “groups” yet his alcoholic ass manages to be the only one that survives? Hmmm… *red flag* I don’t really care for a romance between him and Sasha, I think she can do better but hey, it’s tough pickings in the zombie apocalypse! ;)

Ana: I definitely agree on the messages. Definitely smart. I was wondering why no one else was doing it. Regardless if they don’t think they’re alive. At least a glimmer of hope, you know? Even just writing their names on the metal like Maggie did. Not leave a message, but leave their names. Like.. UGH. I just want to jump into the TV and write all their names on that damned board!  -___-


Sharonda: ROTFL..Ana, smh. But good graphic :D

I just don’t think they thought of it..too many other things to deal with. You guys have to remember that when they got separated, they assumed that the others perished. It was fucking bloody at the prison and everyone was all over the place...separated. So, you just don’t know?

I can’t explain why Maggie did what she did. Maybe it’s the whole I “feel” he’s alive thingy, but ya’ll know how I am about those two so I’m not talking about them anymore.

Smh, Lori...I’m going to get you on that Beth train one of these days and I love that your love Maggie/Glenn’s love...lols. You sound so passionate.

Ana: See I ain’t okay with that. Like… say we were in a zombie apocalypse and all of us lovely book bloggers made it out! We survived and shit goes down and we get separated. You bet your ass I’ma be writing my name all over buildings and hanging bed sheets with my name and a note plastered to a building wall! SHIIIIET. xDD

Lori: I think Maggie’s just trying to not have a mental break down and keep hope alive. I mean what else is there if you don’t have hope in that world! She’s handled everything that’s happened to her since the Governor better than most would. Hershel would be proud! Aww, Hershel…*runs off to cry a little*

P.S. I really missed Rick...LOL He better be in the next episode!
Grace:  Well at the end of the episode, Glenn is on the tracks, so he saw the Terminus sign.   Too bad Daryl didn’t go on the tracks he would’ve seen the signs. Now he’s hooked up with those evil bad people from Ricks house.  that bad guy gave me the creeps.  I’m doing this via Dragon Dictate.  So still learning the program. K

Ana: OMFG. Those guys totally freaked me out. But I think Daryl went into survival mode. I don’t think he had any other choice but to join ranks with them. Which is kinda scary, but he’s a big boy… a big, sexy… okay, that’s enough xD

Sharonda: You noticed how he and Beth stayed in the forest? Yeah, if they would have stayed on the tracks, I think they would be at least where everyone else is by now and Beth getting taken would have never happened.  But that's neither here or there now.

Yes, Ana damn right I would be looking for your ass. Who else am I’m going to talk books with? We can bang Walker heads with books, lols. Right choice. It was either go with these jerks or be killed and I think he still wants to find Beth.

I think you might be on to something Grace, she might just be at Terminus...shit for her sake, I hope so. I don’t see her surviving with those guys. And again, another plot twist the producers just threw our way. I can’t see Daryl as bad...I just can’t. I think he’s going to use those dudes to find Beth...I really do.

I miss Rick too Lori. Can’t believe I’m saying that because to me they haven’t pulled his character back to what he was before he became the farmer...that’s what I’m waiting for. But I do miss him too.

Lori: I don’t think those biker douches have Beth, at least I hope they don’t for her sake! Daryl is probably going to go along with these guys to stay alive and then kill them the second he has a chance, well that’s how I see this going down in my head.

Grace:  I so want to see what Tyreese and the kids are doing” plus also want to see Carl and Rick and Michonne too.

Ana: OMFG. OH. EM. EFF. GEE. Did you see that part in the preview where one of the little girls is trapped and is calling out for Carol and she just turns away. I hope to God that’s just them mixing the scenes. QQ

Sharonda: I don’t think one of those girls are going to make it Ana and if Carol turns away, then I’m definitely not going to like her anymore. She’s becoming someone I don’t like...I don’t want to feel about her like how I felt about Lori (not you Lori..) and Andrea. But if she does, then the quicker she’s gone, then I’m alright with that. I hope its not what we think, but….

I need more Rick and Michonne now. Carl? maybe lols. Nah, I actually miss that kid. It’s going to be crazy guys. I think we are in for a ride.

Lori: Hey now! LOL I think Lizzie or Mika might not make it by next week’s preview...I don’t get attached to any new characters for this very reason! I’m not going to go into a debate about Carol right now..haha but I don’t see her as a villain. The need for survival makes people do some questionable things and I think they’ve all done something that is not exactly “moral” to survive at one point or another. It’s the zombie apocalypse, shit happens!

Grace:  I hated that seems down the head guy and Daryl. ‘s
the last line chilled me why hurt yourself when you can hurt others is not a good thing in this world.   hoping that Daryl doesn’t  doesn’t become a bad guy. I really am hoping he kills these  evil men.
Ana:  I agree with Lori, I don’t think one of the girls will make it. I try not to get attached to the new characters, but I’m already a fan of the girl that’s with Glenn atm. Only because she questioned the Governor from the beginning.

Oh, Grace. I agree. That line… ugh. I can’t. My heart! DARYL SAVE YOURSELF!

Sharonda: Cold, Lori...cold, smh ;). But what if she watches a kid die, smh...that ain’t right, you know it...lols. But I will let you hold onto your hope...lmbo.

That line was scary. How can you say that in a time like this? You know they don’t care about any damn body. Like I said, I just hope Daryl uses them to find Beth and I think he will. He’s not that kind of dude. And yeah, at some point these ugly buggers are going to get it like they got it at that house with Rick.

Lori: Daryl will handle the situation!

Grace:  What was up with Sasha  not wanting to go to terminus?   don’t you want to see your brother again. I’m looking forward to next week’s episode ladies bye.
Ana: See, that’s what I’m saying. HER BROTHER! And yet she’s lost all damned hope. Yes, you’re scared, I’m pretty effing sure anyone would be scared in that situation. But the hope is just lost amongst all these damned people. Everyone but Glenn and Maggie. They fight for they shit ♥♥ hell yeah! Michonne nearly lost it and now that she’s with Carl and Rick things are okay… for now. Sigh. Can’t wait for Sunday’s epi. *shutters*

Sharonda: Its like she said...she was scared. And going into the unknown? that’s scary. What if it is another Woodbury? Another nut in charge? I totally get where she is coming from. Seems all they been running into is nuts lately. And to lose the only safe place and to think her brother just might not have survived. I totally understand her, it’s like forget all this other nonsense and move on. It may be cold, but it’s a reality. Glad Bob and Maggie were able to convince her though because being alone can’t be good at all.

Lori: I agree with Sharonda. I don’t blame her for being wary of another “camp.” She already drank the Kool-Aid at Woodbury and look how that ended! I think she doesn’t want to set her hopes up with the possibility of a sanctuary or Tyreese being alive only to have her hopes shattered. She’ s living in the moment which is not so crazy when you can die on any given day!

Did anyone see the preview for Sunday’s episode with the creepy kid and walking hanging out in the backyard playing?!! WTF??!!!!! #icant

Sharonda: I think that damn house was a set up, too clean.  I think someone lured all of those Walkers on that damn porch. Yeah...someone was watching and waiting and that’s who took Beth. Daryl just needs to find her. Get out of his own head and find her.

that shit was freaky, right? Who was that? I’m too excited for Sunday guys. I’m telling you, its going to be all out nuts!

Ana: That’s a good point. But I think regardless I’d be all “Terminus? my big headed bro is definitely walking his ass through the pearly gates” lel.

Nope, didn’t see it. But I will watch it now! *peruses youtube*

… oh hell no. *shutters* I guess hide and seek wasn’t enough for this kid. He just had to play tag with it -____-

What was your “OH HELL NO, WTF!!!!!” moment of this episode?

Lori: Well, besides the creepy kid/walker preview I’d have to say it was when Maggie killed that walker and then proceeded to cut him open...I was like: “Oh HELL NO! WTF is she doing?!” My first thought was OMG she’s checking the walker to see if it’s eaten Glenn?! Then I realized what she doing and thought shit, that’s f***ing brilliant! Walker finger paint! Also...why did it take so long for one of them to communicate this way?! #leaveittoawoman

Ana: Okay, I see what you mean, that was definitely a “OH HELL NO! WTF” moment. And I had the same conclusion about her checking to see if the walker ate Glenn and then the writing… boss! lel. she gave zero fucks about that walker.

OMFG LORI! RIIIGHT! I’ve been saying this FOREEEVER! WHY?! Like… damn. #BlowsMyMind #WalkerFingerPaint #WhyDidntIThinkOfThis

But, my WTF moment would have to be in the first preview video when Mika was trapped and it showed Carol just turning around and walking away. After crying her ass off to Rick before he kicked her out of the group on how those girls needed her?? She does that? Definitely a WTF moment and I’m gonna need to breathe real slowly during Sunday’s episode if I wanna make it out alive xD

Sharonda: That was me too...but I kinda did a slow blink and looked around too. I think I was making sure the crazy ho wasn’t in my house, lols! No but seriously..I get it, I get it..brilliant Maggie...good for her *claps hands*. For the love of gravy, I hope she and Glenn hurry up and find each. Of course the women will think of everything. We do that shit everyday!

Ana, you are on point about Carol. Idk guys, I think they are going to make her into a character we don’t like any longer #imjustsaying. I know you said it’s survival mode Lori, but something else is going on with her...something we aren’t going to care for after while.

Ana: Thanks for stopping by! Don’t forget to leave a comment down below! And answer this weeks question!

Sharonda: Thanks guys! Yes, leave your comments. Let us know what you thought.

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  1. I FRICKIN HATE Y'ALL (I love you!)! I hate Netflix & most importantly, I hate myself because why did I wait this long to watch this?! I don't want to read any further because I don't want spoilers! I was trolling Instagram the other day and I saw a video with the Governor (hate him!) killing Hershel... ladies it was 2Am and I screaamed into my pillow because I can't believe my beloved Hershel is dead?!?!?!?!

  2. I love you too! lols. Omg, I hated that man...was too happy to see his ass die. Hershel...sobs, loved that dude! I miss him :(