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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Welcome back to another zombified week of Talking Zombies with Ana & Sharonda. Today we will be recapping on Sunday nights episode: S04E11 “Claimed”

Ana: WHADUFUUUQ o.O okay. I don’t ever know how to begin for this epi. I don’t know if I was expecting MORE or if this epi was “okay” I did like the parts where Michonne was telling a bit more about herself to Carl. But, then again, Michonne is rarely speaking about her personal life. Always a vendetta with that girl xD  What about you? Was this epi to your liking?

Sharonda:  It did drag for me too and was an Okay episode.  I was also expecting...more? I don't know what that was we saw. There were little exciting parts, but that's it.

I like that we're getting more of a personal side of Michonne. She was so closed mouth when she first arrived...hell  I thought the woman was mute for a minute...still kick ass but mute.

Ana: Oh, and speaking of Michonne, I kinda liked seeing her somewhat “goofy” side. That part with the cheez whiz was a good one.

Sharonda: That was a good scene. Trying to cheer Carl up after bringing Judith up. Good she has a funny side to her. I think she's filling a void for Carl that Rick can't fill right now, you know? Long as she doesn't revert back to the mute woman...I'm happy.

Ana: Yeah, I agree with you. I’m scared of how she will feel when they finally all group up again and Judith is alive? Relieved? Sad? You know, cause she lost her son.

Sharonda: Okay, I commend Glenn for going after Maggie but get to help save humanity!  W..T...F?! He don't even know if she survived.  And then dude that shot up the truck. Uhm,  listen doc stick to your day job...smh.  

And don't Even get me started on captain buttes. Omg... what is wrong with that group?!

Ana: I like how the doc was all, “I’m smarter than you” and I’m all… my dude, you killed the truck tho! xDD Honestly, with everything that Glenn and the crew been through, I would have left too. What good is his existence without Maggie? I know that sounds dumb, but they survived together for so long. Shiiiet. I was scared ol boy was gonna kill himself lols. Now there’s a plot twist.

Lols that group is something else. Interesting for sure. xD

Sharonda: Plot twist indeed..they gonna have me finishing my bottle of wine before the week is out. I hear ya on Glenn, but I think I feel this way because I'm just over them as a couple *shrugs* . I want them to start on someone else.

Dude mangled that truck...lols. I'm yelling "run dummy" at my TV. I think my neighbors hate Sundays in my building..lmbo!!!

Ana: What did you think about Rick’s situation? With those other people in the house? I kinda thought they dragged it so much. Like, dude, every single scene was suspenseful. *Crawls under bed* = suspenseful. *closes door* = suspenseful. DAMN. EVERYTHING WAS SUSPENSEFUL.

Sharonda: Rotfl! Right?! I'm like seriously though. And then the part where him and Dude where in the bathroom fighting.  Okay..really? no one heard all that shit falling? That was crazy.

Ana: xDDD I KNOW! What with all the damned banging, you woulda thought people would waken the hell up and done something . GEEZ.

Sharonda: Lols!!! that scene was out of control. And when its all over Rick and them just run away from the house *rolls eyes*. OMG...we can't skip when Michonne walked in that baby's room. *slow blinks* what was that?

Ana: lols @ Rick and them running away, hey they got away it’s all good xD

They didn’t quite look like walkers. I think they committed suicide?

Sharonda: hmmmm.. good point Ana. Yeah..thank good gravy they did. I was thinking Rick was gonna get his ass handed to him again. Especially with him not being 100%.

Ana: Well, it was crazy nonetheless, lets see what the readers have to say!

What do you think happened in the baby room that Michonne walked into?

Ana: Thanks for stopping by! Don’t forget to leave a comment down below! And answer this weeks question!

Sharonda: Thanks guys! Yes, leave your comments. Let us know what you thought.

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