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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Welcome back to another zombified week of Talking Zombies with Ana & Sharonda. Today we will be recapping on Sunday nights episode: S04E12 “Still”

Ana: First off I want to welcome two new faces for TZ posts, Brandy,  Lori, & Grace! Welcome, welcome! ♥♥♥

Sharonda: Hey Ladies...Welcome! :D

Lori: Thanks for including me ladies, it’s an honor to dish on one of my fave shows!

Grace: Thanks for the warm welcome.

Ana: Can I just say that I am not liking what they’re doing with the episodes. Yeah, we get more screen time with the ones we love, but ermergerd. I want nitty gritty! and I want it NOW! These past few epi’s have been driving me crazy. It’s dragging so slow that I just want to scream at my tv. But I keep coming back for more! GRRRR.

But, It was nice to look at Darryl all night ;)

Sharonda: It is moving quite slow. I agree, I like that we’re getting more personal time with everyone, but yeah..I want to get back to the guys of the story. But damn, Daryl breaking down like that had my heart hurting. I wanted to hug him too.  

Grace: I think I found it more about character development. I felt that Beth really got to do a lot more than we see.

Lori: As much as I love Team Prison, I like that the group is forming new relationships within their group, i.e. Carl and Michonne, Beth and Daryl that might not have happened if they were all one big happy family at the prison. I love the little glimpses of their former lives.

Ana: EEEK I wanted to hug Darryl too! So… sad. ;( And, Grace, I think I agree with you, it’s just the character development is dragging and making me squirm. I like it, but I hate it. It’s just a big ol’ pot of love/hate.

I said this to Sharonda before, I thought Beth’s acting was a bit “eeeh” for me, but after seeing last nights epi, my views have turned ever so slightly. She’s growing on me. But I’m a bigger fan of Maggie than I am of her.  

Sharonda: I agree Grace and I love that we are getting more of Beth. She was always in the background so getting more of her is cool you know? And we also get a little bit more about Daryl too. I like this episode with them together. And I'm totally agreeing with you Lori...that has got to be one of the best things with the last couple of episodes.

Lori: I wasn’t a fan of Beth in the beginning, if anything I saw her as a possible liability and  nanny for Judith but as annoying as she was last night for the first half I have to respect her. She’s really just a kid who isn’t a fierce kick ass heroine but is still a fighter in her own right. My heart broke a little when she said she knew she wasn’t like Maggie or Michonne but she’s still alive, I couldn’t hate her after that. The girl has seen her mom turn into a walker and her dad decapitated in front of her!
Grace: I think she really hasn’t really dealt with the death of her father. Also was like whats wrong with the Peach Snaps. Sorry can’t spell.

Ana: lol @ what’s wrong with the Peach Schnapps. He wanted her to drink a real drink loool @ moonshine. But, hey, can we just mention how I do NOT want them to end up together. Let me look through these tweets that you crazy ladies thought about the two of them together. DEAR LAWD! #No #HellNo #NotInALifetime #NotIfSheWasTheLastLivingFemale #WalkerPlz

Sharonda: exactly Lori..she's holding her own right about now and she's turning turning into quite the survivor.

lols @ can’t spell :). Nothing is wrong with peach schnapps, hell I like it :D and moonshine will put you on your butt!

Lori: Peach Schnapps is a girly drink, I think that’s what Daryl was referring to. It’s the zombie apocalypse, go big or go home! LOL I don’t want them to end up as a couple, even after this, but I did enjoy their bonding.

Grace: I thought at one point Beth and Daryl were going to kiss at one point. Moonshine is strong. i had that once. Knocked me out.

Ana: lol @ go big or go home! Right on, Lori! ^_^

Sharonda: Ana, you know how I feel about Maggie & Glenn right now so I’m happy to see the development of another relationship besides theirs. And yes Grace, I thought they were going to lock lips too. Most folks seem to have a issue with that thought *coughs* Ana. And I don’t see what the big deal is...she’s a grown woman now, lols.

I had moonshine once, didn’t like the taste of it. It was too strong for me, after drinking something like that I’d be passed out for a week!

Geez...Lori you too?! guys are really killing me, lols.

Lori: I guess opposites attract. I just think he’s become an alpha male in this world and Beth’s character is still a bit too innocent for him...maybe she’s not, I don’t know but I’d like to see him with a Maggie type character.

Sharonda: No more Carol's huh? lols.

Grace: Well its the zombie apocalypse. Age shouldn’t matter. I think there are a lot of Carol/Daryl shippers. Yet I think Carol is going to hook up with Tyresse.

Ana: Gotta agree with Lori, definitely want to see him with a Maggie type character as well. He needs someone to be his partner in crime. lmbo! Shooting arrows like a bawss!

looooool @ she’s a grown woman now. NO #HellNo Sharonda, plz. Let’s not go there again xDDD It’s not the age thing that’s bothering me ladies… it’s the Beth thing. NO. #HELLNO xDDD

Sharonda: Bah! Ana...lols. See me and you Grace are on the same page, we seeing eye to eye. I have heard that! But if they do...what is Tyrese going to think about Carol killing those people back at the prison? oooo, more likes it.

Lori: Hell to the NO! Carol and Tyreese...don’t see that happening. I still want Daryl and Carol together, close your eyes Sharonda! No one is innocent anymore and I don’t see her as an evil villain for what she did. #dontjudgeme

Sharonda: She's too old for him Lori *shake heads*, I don’t know what I’m going to do with you ladies. I don't see her as the villain anymore either...she did what she thought was the right thing to do and I still didn’t care for her attitude about it all, it was a total turn off for me. But I'm not seeing her with Darly..sorry y'all. IDK what I feel about Carol, I'm just not a fan of hers right now.

Grace: No one is going to tell him because the only people that knew were Rick, Hershel, Maggie, and Daryl I think. Hey it’s normal to have sex with a woman. There are not a whole lot of options.

Ana: HAHAHAHAHA. THANK YOU, LORI! #DontJudgeUs #StillHopeForCarol

lol @ there are not a whole lot of options. Oh, I’m aye okay with sex and it being mutual and all. But I am anti-Beth xD sigh. I’m done. Done. xD

As for the whole Carol and Tyrese thing, I don’t know how that will turn about. I’m on edge with that one. We know what Carol has done, as well as a handful of the group, but will it be relevant to where they are atm? Will someone bring it up? I dunno. *head is spinning*

Sharonda: Good gravy Ana, you are killing me….but I’m not going to kill your ears anymore with it. I just think its something to think about thats all :D

bwahahahaha @ Grace, true. Now think about it Ana, if they stick Carol with Tyrese...who’s going to get Daryl?

I think its going to come up again, but like you said they all handle it will be something to see.

Lori: I’ll take Daryl! Oh, you meant on the show, hmmmmm….

Sharonda: bwahahaha Lori, I think we all will take him. You think he likes harems?......

Grace: My mother likes Beth. But I don’t like her character for some weird reason.

Ana: I told you before, Sharonda, he needs a baaaaad B**** looool. Beth ain’t cuttin’ it and we know Carol is all bad for him now.

Grace, I’m with you, I don’t like her. She’s…. just…. no. xD

Sharonda: *rolls eyes* okay Ana...okay, lols!

Hey, do you guys think at some point they are all heading in the same direction? I mean we only need for Glenn, Maggie, Sasha, Drunk Dude and Daryl & Beth to catch up.

You guys need to like Beth! I think I’m by myself in that department *hangs head*.

Grace: HELL YES. They are going to end up at Terminus. Also Rick and Carl are going to be so happy to see Baby Judith Alive and that might earn Carol a reprieve from Rick.

Lori: I like Beth just fine, just not for Daryl! I can’t wait until Team Prison reunites!

Ana: I actually do think that they’re moving towards the same place, so far three groups have made it to that “salvation” sign, if I recall correctly. Now we have to wait for Darryl and Beth to walk they’re ol’ drunk asses towards it. Same with Glenn and the new folks.  

OMFG. I’m worried. I want to see Michonne’s reaction to when Rick and Carl find out that Baby Judith is still alive. After telling Carl about her son, I’m kinda scared on how she’ll feel. I know she loves Carl and Rick and the baby but you know? How much will that hurt?

Sharonda: I really am all alone with this...smh.

Interesting point though Ana, but Michonne has come a bit of a ways. I’m hoping she will take Judith’s living in a good way. Oh, I will be so glad when Rick & Carl find out that Judith is alive...I’m excited for that to happen. THAT will definitely get Carol back in Rick’s good graces.

Grace: Beth is stupid for wearing a white sweater in that episode. Although I like when Daryl was beating the crap out of the zombies with a golf club.

Lori: I think the white sweater just shows how innocent she still really is. #fashiondisaster

Ana: lol @ Beth’s white sweater. tsk tsk. Out of all the sweaters…. lawdy.

Sharonda: On the Talking Dead, they were like “really Beth, a white cardigan?” lmbo! and then she changes into a yellow shirt o_O.

Grace: The Black Comedian was hilarious on Talking Dead. Me and My Mother were cracking up so hard.

Lori: JB Smoove was hilarious, I love it when they have real fans of the show that go all fan girl! He wasn’t afraid to give his opinions, which were too funny!

Sharonda: JB Smoove? oh he was friggin hysterical. He made some good points though and yep Lori...when they have “true” fans on the show, its so much better. And he thinks like me...he thinks Beth & Daryl will get closer.

Grace: I don’t understand why Beth and Daryl didn’t cover themselves in Zombie Blood so they could walk among the zombies, even though it don’t last forever.

Lori: I don’t think Daryl or Beth know about that, that was Rick and Glenn back in season one. Maybe they need to communicate a little more about zombie protocol...LOL

Ana: That’s an interesting point. Hell, Michonne walks with walkers on leashes. But, knowing Beth and her “white cardigan” I doubt she would have smothered herself in zombie guts.

Sharonda: Good one Lori..lols. It would have been the smart thing to do. Its like they got out of the prison and forgot most of their survival tactics.

lmbo @ Beth and her “white cardigan”.

Grace: Rosita is another one that I have a problem with how she is dressed. She is dressed like a bad porn movie.

Lori: Rosita: The zombie apocalypse hoochie mama #theresalwaysone Doesn’t she realize she’s the first to go in a horde of walkers with all that skin exposed?!

Ana: Oh, no. Not Rosita *rolls eyes* Apparently she’s in love with that soldier dude, what’s his name again? Anywho, riiight? her outfit screams “come eat me, I have all kinds of flesh showing” xD lol @ bad porn movie.

Also, from that episode, I thought a bunch of the lines and dialogue was a bit corny.

Sharonda: Okay, seriously. How in the world is she dressed like that? I was like wth! does this chick have on. I mean she does know there are dead flesh eating things walking around. It has got to be the worse outfit I’ve seen on a character to date. #hoochiemamma for sure that one is.

Can’t think of his name Ana...was it Abraham? or something like that. Yep! I gotta agree with you. I told you that group is out of control. I feel bad for Glenn, lols.

Grace:  I mean I would think that you would cover more of yourself.

Lori: I’m not a fan of new characters...LOL Just let me know what happens with the original cast and I’m good. Don’t really care about Abraham and the doctor and hoochie mama, although I heard he’s a big character in the comics.

Sharonda: eh..I just want all of them to hurry up and get back together. They are killing me slowly.

Grace: Well next week it switches to BOB, Glenn and Tyrese sister. Always forget her name. Can’t wait for Maggie and Glenn to be reunited.

Lori: I think Bob is the next to go...he might just bite the dust in that fog! I want to see Rick, Carl, Michonne, Tyreese and Carol to reunite next week and start forming the group again. Just give me at least half an hour where no one is fighting to stay alive The Walking Dead, just half an hour! :)

Ana: I agree, Sharonda. This slow pace is definitely killing me as well.  Oooh I can’t wait ^_^ I think there should be a bit more drama there, so I’m excited for that.

Til next week! And thanks again for joining us ladies ♥♥

Sharonda: This weekend coming up should be exciting. I’m looking forward to see how these three survive. Bob and Sasha have something going on guys and ya’ll already know how I feel about Maggie/Glenn, lols. Hey Lori...if he goes, I wouldn't even care..don't like him.

It was fun having you Grace, Lori and Brandy. We definitely need to this more!

Grace: Thanks guys for inviting me. I had fun.

Lori: I had a blast ladies, thanks for the awesome conversation and for letting me share my thoughts! xoxo

What did you think of Beth’s white cardigan?

Lori: Her cardigan?  I was more upset she wasted the bottle of wine on the walker!!! LOL I think she just wanted something new, she wasn’t thinking about getting it drenched in zombie blood when she grabbed it. :) #shouldhaveknownbetter

Grace: Stupid thing to wear. It’s not a smart color to wear in the zombie apocalypse.


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Sharonda: Thanks guys! Yes, leave your comments. Let us know what you thought.

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