Tuesday Jams #39 - Lana Del Rey

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tuesday Jams is a weekly post hosted by Sharonda @ Salacious Reads. This is a way to share with others your love (other then books of course) for music! Want to participate? Easy! Head on over to Salacious Reads & link back up with her Tuesday Jams post in her comments section!

This week on TJ is none other than Lana Del Rey! Haven't heard of her?! Good! Now I've introduced you to someone who is amazing! Her voice... whew. Now, to say I've never heard of Lana Del Rey would be pushing it. I've heard of her but haven't really "listened" to any of her music. That is, until Aaron (a friend of mine) linked me one of her songs while I was streaming. And that song is Young and Beautiful. If you haven't heard of it, listen to it now! Like... it's... so good. hehe. Young and Beautiful is one of my favorite songs by her :) Another song that I like is National Anthem. And here is the video for that song. It's a little over 7 minutes, but definitely worth the watch :) I kinda wish they'd make it into a movie heh.

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