A to Z: K ~ Book Krack & Kutting the Budget

Yes, I took the word crack and fitted it to my needs. I needed a word for the letter K and since I'm showing my book budget and showing off my latest book Krack, it seemed fitting...right??

Kutting the Budget. This list encompasses the first two weeks of April.
*taxes included in prices 

Melody's Wolf by Mina Carter - $1.99
Imposter's Kiss by Renea Mason - $.99
No Stranger by Anya Breton - Free
At The End Of The World by Anya Breton - Free
Lyon on A Leash by Erosa Knowles  - $3.20
Heart of the Hunter by Lara Adrian - Free
A Touch of Midnight by Lara Adrian - Free
Gents 4 Ladies by Dez Burke - $3.20
Desired by the White Vampire by JJ Jones - Free

Total towards $30 budget - $9.38. Total left for April is $20.62.

And because I'm such a nice girl and of course a show off...lols. I'm showing the Kovers, yeah...I'm totally K'ing it up today :D

Happy Saturday! Are to AtoZ'ing? Share your post in the comments section. And what about that book budget? How'd you do this week? 

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