A to Z: K ~ Book Krack & Kutting the Budget

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Yes, I took the word crack and fitted it to my needs. I needed a word for the letter K and since I'm showing my book budget and showing off my latest book Krack, it seemed fitting...right??

Kutting the Budget. This list encompasses the first two weeks of April.
*taxes included in prices 

Melody's Wolf by Mina Carter - $1.99
Imposter's Kiss by Renea Mason - $.99
No Stranger by Anya Breton - Free
At The End Of The World by Anya Breton - Free
Lyon on A Leash by Erosa Knowles  - $3.20
Heart of the Hunter by Lara Adrian - Free
A Touch of Midnight by Lara Adrian - Free
Gents 4 Ladies by Dez Burke - $3.20
Desired by the White Vampire by JJ Jones - Free

Total towards $30 budget - $9.38. Total left for April is $20.62.

And because I'm such a nice girl and of course a show off...lols. I'm showing the Kovers, yeah...I'm totally K'ing it up today :D

Happy Saturday! Are to AtoZ'ing? Share your post in the comments section. And what about that book budget? How'd you do this week? 

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  1. Oh, I love it. Creative use of 'K'. Cool, you got Gideon's book. It's tough that its only a novella, but at least she wrote it. ;) Nice job of staying on point with your budget.

  2. I wish she would have wrote it as a full lenght story too. Thanks Sophia! I'm trying with this challenge...its taking all my brain cells with this one lols.

    I've been doing okay...thank goodness, I haven't seen much I wanted to pick up and those freebies are excellent :)

  3. I confess that I've only done well b/c I've had the daily series freebie at ARe and a huge pile of review books to keep me busy.

  4. Ah the book budget. Isn't it wonderful that we actually make a spot in our finances for such a thing? LOL I limit myself to $25 a month. When you think about it, $24 is not too bad for entertainment right? I find if I buy myself a gift card, I can monitor my budget easily and some months I have a carryover.

  5. Dang you're doing good. And nice job K-ing it up. lol Some nice covers too!

  6. I need to start a book budget soon, but I really don't spend that much on books now days. I did use my $32 of Amazon's settlement on some paperbacks that I have been holding off on getting. I had to complete some series I collect. =) I spend more money on clothes for my girls since they're growing like weeds. Love the (k)overs you shared. =)

  7. You're doing well with your budget for April, and creative use of the letter L. :D So many bloggers are doing book budget posts, I keep thinking I should too.

  8. thanks Anna ;) seriously loving those covers

  9. my son is getting taller everyday...drives me nuts. Books are my only small pleasure, lols. I went through my credit the first day I got it...this is why this list is so small :D

    thanks Mama :)

  10. thanks Bea ;) its really helping me out...glad I decided to do one.

  11. You have me drooling over those Kovers with Kutting the Budget for K!

  12. Glad you are joining me Sharonda! I might have to cut my budget again next month since I don't seem to be spending the money I allotted myself....oh the horror of taking money away!

  13. :D I'm going to keep mines at $30...I'm going to try and stick with what I really want..not just autoclicking and I need to get my wishlist down too.

    lols.. ikr? its not right ;)

  14. they're so dog on pretty...I keep on coming back to this post :D