A to Z: L ~ Lyon On A Leash by Erosa Knowles

Source: Brought (Amazon)
Published: March 21, 2013
Author: Erosa Knowles
Series: N/A
Sex: R - Strong Sexual Content
Genre: Interracial Contemprorary BDSM Romance

I have to start off this review by stating first and foremost thank you to Ms. Knowles for pulling off this story. Making the male here a submissive and alpha at the same time can be no easy feat, but she did it very well. So few stories we read especially with BDSM where the male is written as submissive without sounding or feeling way too womanish or without the woman who is suppose to be caring for him... humiliating him. If I don't want to see it done to a woman...why would I want it do be done to a male?

Marcus Lyon was not this by a long shot, he was submissive...but he was a man's man. His love for his mistress's and in this story Vera Knight knew no bounds. This man simply took care of his women, if you were his..you were his.

Even though this tale revolves around BDSM and its community, it really does take a back seat to Vera's and Marcus's story. What we get is mainly a story of two people learning to trust again as both of them have major and I mean major trust issues. But both our characters are looking "cautiously" for a relationship where they can be themselves without being judged. Marcus is a bit older than Vera so he has been in the game a bit longer. Vera on the other hand has been trained by one of the industries best domme...it was how she paid for college. BUT Vera has never been in a D/s relationship...being with Marcus is her first and they both are learning ...trust me.

What I liked about Marcus was his complete and utter patience with Vera. And I have to say the same of Vera, her ability to let Marcus into her life even after all the disappointments she had in life was amazing. This is what I like about my heroines. I like when they can move on from the bullshit...not hold their issues over someone who didn't have anything to do with their pain. I dislike selfish females...I dislike selfish males. These type of characters will make me put a book down in 2 seconds flat and I'm really happy this wasn't done with these two.

The time taken for both Vera and Marcus to trust one another was done at a pace that I could deal with, they didn't fall too fast. The scenes between them were done with care because again the main story is the relationship growth between them. How they met, how they lived, how they delt with each other in and out of their home.

This simply was one of the better BDSM stories I've read IN a very long while. I had stopped and I am grateful for Ms. Knowles story pulling me out of my kinky funk. You go into some of these stories and the men/women are fucking scary. Most folks reading this probably won't see a man who could be Alpha male, they would probably only see a submissive. Eh, we all interpret our reads differently.

But for me, what I read here was a man who wanted a woman in charge...a woman he could love and take care of without giving up his manhood or feeling emasculated and a woman who wanted to be in charge of her man, but still needed and wanted him to be a Man.

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