AtoZ ~ B: Big Ones....

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Welcome to another day in the A to Z challenge where bloggers are simply blogging everyday with every letter in the alphabet..whew! So my topic today is Big Ones....

Now, when I say big ones what I mean is big cocks. I've seen the conversation around lately and it got me wondering. When we read our sexxy books, the men always have it seems gianormous size dicks. And it's really no matter their position in life, race, etc...their cocks are all generally big as shit.

  1. 1.
    extremely large; enormous.
    "a ginormous five-volume treatment of Greek and Arabic medicine"
  2. *google search*

Now, if I had a man...I may look at him and wonder why he isn't living up to the same penis standards as my current book boyfriend...I may even give him the stink eye and ask "dude...what's up with that?"

But I wouldn't because while I may like a man who can *coughs* fill me up. I wouldn't like to be split in half either.

I don't think any woman would for that matter. And don't even let me hear "well, you've had children so..." the hell what. That's not even on the same level, that kid hurt like a muthertrucker coming out. Do I want to hurt when "it" is going in? hell no! I don't.

You see, it's suppose to be enjoyable... a sort of pleasure pain erotic feel, you get the picture. So it boggles my mind when I read a book and dude is longer than a water hose and thick as a tree truck. Dude, you are so not touching me with that thing...get out of here with that. And what boggles my mind more is how the women in these books take it...I mean TAKE IT, even the virgins!! #seriouslythough. I mean they are riding it, sucking it, taking it in the back door...what the what?!

Hell, I've read in one book where the dudes (they were brothers) bascially had donkey dicks. Donkey dicks? really? so you gonna come at me like that? "yeah..right, I don't even think so brah"

One, if your penis looks like something that belongs on a animal, you can just put your damn clothes back on and leave #imjustsaying.

Since reading romance books and really no matter the genre, every man I've read about had a cock that pretty much if he slammed into you, it would more than likely be coming out of your throat. Who needs that? and how the hell would you explain that to anyone why all of a sudden you can't talk or drink or eat for that matter.

So what happened to the average size dude, huh? where is he in romance books? *looks out on the horizon* maybe one or two? Did I miss him somewhere in my world of big ones?....

So what is your feeling on this? I know they're books and the characters aren't real...I know. But come on, not one average sized male anywhere? All we have are big slinging big ones?'s questionable is all I'm saying.

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  1. Heh Sharonda you are a trip. We've had this argument in a group I'm in over man candy photos because damn me a couple of them (and I'm so tempted to add a photo of one to this comment) was seriously out of one of our books and one of the ladies was all omg YES! She used the baby argument too for those of us who balked. I'm sorry no effing way on some of these. My lady bits are just not about that at all. And I like being able to walk. Thank ya very much *nods* No tree branch cocks here. No ma'am.

    And it totally makes me think of that quote I used a couple weeks ago where she sees his goods for the first time and is all oh it's not as big as I was expecting! lol

  2. I suppose no author wants to have their heroine draped across the bed (or on her knees in a back alley) looking longingly at his zipper only do end with...'oh' or a slightly better 'eh' *shrugs*

    Maybe I'd choose to end this with the guy looking down at her, all defensive with a 'it's filled six prams/strollers/cribs'.

    Great blog!

  3. seriously how are these chicks enjoying it? I read some and actually shudder and just be like, I would so pass on that..lmbo. I'm with you Anna, I want to walk after...not be taking to the hospital...loll.

  4. lmfao I love you Sharonda. You said what we all think at least a few times while reading this genre.

  5. lolls.. yep. I mean just give me a couple very now and again, I really wouldn't mind :D