AtoZ - C: Can You Dig It?

Welcome to another day of the A to Z challenge. I'm not going into that long kinda out of breath from the last time. 

So today...I'm going to ask if you have you ever seen this movie. I may be showing my age with this one, but I gotta say this is one of my all times favorites movies ever. The Warriors is a 1979 film cult classic about a gang on the run after they've been accused of murder. There are many classic lines and spots in this movie, but this one...this one has got to be the all time high.

Can You Dig It?...........................................

And another...(I'll take that bat and shove it up your....)


Thank you Youtube Movie Clips

While doing my internet search of a good clip, I've seen rumors and fan pages talking of a remake. I'm telling you right now, don't even do it if its not going to be even remotely similar to the original. IF and I mean if a remake will be better be done right.

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