AtoZ Challenge ~ F: Fuck

Monday, April 7, 2014

Happy Monday and welcome to another day in the AtoZ challenge. Today's letter of course is that big F up there, yes I chose fuck becuase yes...we do see that word alot is our books. I happen to say the word quite frequently, espcially when I'm reading...lols. Sometimes its a good fuck...sometimes its a back fuck, but I'm usually stating that word either way, eh "I gotta it from my momma" lols.

Anyways have a good one salacious readers. Are you AtoZing?

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  1. Bwaha excellent! It really is just a fucking awesome word. My hero totally just fucked his heroine. And it was a historical. I don't know why but I love it even more in those when they say fuck. Heh.

  2. totally awesome fucking word indeed...lols!

  3. What?! Cannibals?!

    Curse you AMC! They did a marathon the other day but for ep 11 & up (I think) only. This season needs to be uploaded to Netflix right away! I saw the teasers on IG bet Rick & Daryl, those two are really bonded now. Ahh! This is such a painful wait for me!

    Great chat guys!

  4. Yep...cannibals. Can you believe it?

    hopefully, they'll do another full Marathon and you can catch it before it gets to Netflix.

    They totally, that scene was just awesome.

  5. So true! Like Anna, I was just reading and it was a PNR in my case. You are such a bold gal, but I love the honesty. ;)

  6. Lol yep that word does appear in our type of genre :)

  7. Thanks Sophia, I try (:

    the word is so popular now...I think they think we readers have dirty minds. Iean I totally do, .Okay with that, lols.

  8. so glad I was bable to help you through your day Drea :D