AtoZ ~ D: Determination

Friday, April 4, 2014

Another day of the AtoZ Challenge...the letter D will be Determination.

When it comes to blogging, I attempt to be determined. Determined to get my posts up on time...determined to write that review...determined to read that damn book I said I was going to read, but somehow...someway, I didn't. Determined to respond to comments left on the blog, FB, Twitter and the rest. Determined NOT to fall asleep on the train and/or bus on my way no one can snatch my kindle/nook out of my hand. Determined to not to get frustrated with characters...determined not to dream about that sexxy ass alpha male AGAIN! Determined to be determined to combine my daily...crazy...mad...rush of a home/work life with this blogging thing.

I want to be determined..I try to be determined in all things. Hell, Spring is coming and I need to loose this dang on gut. I will be determined..I will.

What is the focus of your detemination? 

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