AtoZ: G ~ It's All GREEK to Me

Welcome to another day of the A to Z challenge and its so very obvious I don't know the alphabet...lols. Because I posted H (Heroines/Heroes) yesterday so I have to post G today. Yeah...I'm special, I know...lmbo!

Anyway...I have love for books with Greek mythology. I'm a big fan of history, but those Gods and Goddesses hold something special in my heart. It all started as a kid, every Sunday I use to watch movies like Clash of the Titans (the original folks) and I remember Lou Ferrigno playing Hercules. Reading books about how Zeus was such a man-whore..seriously, how many demi-god babies did he have? But what was most fascinating was their immortatlity, Gods! I wish I could live forever and not age. Oh, man..the shit I would get into, lols!

Currently, I have the hots for Brad Pitt's Archilles...omg, the butt scene.
*slobs a little* oh! sorry. Goshdang, I would love to have been that woman!

So, it's always so nice to see when a author can twist the past and make the Greeks work for the story they're trying to tell. Who are some of my favoite book greeks/immortals? well....

Archeon - Sherilyn Kenyon

                                                      DEMETRIUS - Elisabeth Naughton

Styxx - Sherrilyn Kenyon

Gideon - Gena Showalter

        Ares - Lisa Beth Darling

                                                           Strider - Gena Showalter

Who are your favorites? 

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