AtoZ: I ~ Interracial Romance

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Interracial Romances ~ Love...love...loving the genre. Its becoming my newest and lastest fixation. I'm coming across some fabulous stories and discovering new authors. My top reads this year so far are..

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  1. I've got a few of those on my tbr list. Damn thing is a mile long at this point. lol I've read a couple. My favorite by Shelly Laurenston as part of her Pride series :)

  2. so is mine Anna..lols. and I just keep on adding to it 😃

  3. Have you read Kassanna, Tressie Lockwood, Dahlia Rose, Pepper Pace, Sydney Addae, or Sylvia Hubbard? They're very good IR/MC authors.

  4. hi Kim
    I've read them all except for Sydney Addie, Pepper Pace and Sylvia Hubbard. Thanks! going to check them out :D

  5. Great choice for 'I'! I should have thought of this one since I'm doing the challenge too. Haha! I've gotten several recommends from your 'fixation' as you call it.

  6. thanks Sophia! didn't know what to post at first...it was a last minute one for sure. woot! glad I could help...lols!



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