Cutting The Budget - April (week 3)

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Hosted by Shari over at Delighted Reader. It's a great way to keep track on that book spending limit we seem to set ourselves up on, but never seem to follow.
(*taxes are included all book prices)

Easter weekend brought a lot of sales. I took advantage of #99centers & #freebies.

Jack & Diane by Lena Hampton - $4.27
The Ultimate Merger (Hot Latin Men) by Delaney Diamond - $0
Gravity (Free Falling) by Raven St. Pierre - $1.06
Liberated (Steel Infidels Biker MC #2) by Dez Burke - $1.06
Black Butterfly by Sienna Mynx - $1.06
Beneath the Boss by Lydia Rowan - $1.06
A Test of Love (IR Erotic Romance) by Kenya Wright - $1.06

Balance $20.62. Total left for April $11.05

Cover Krack

I decided to stop just randomly adding to my wishlist and to stop just 1-clicking like a nut. I have pledged to get through my ever growing TBR list. To read what I have and IF i DO buy or accept a book to review, they will only be books that I want to read.

Have a great weekend and a wonderful Easter Sunday ^-^

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  1. Absolutely! It doesn't have to be quiet when I'm reading as long as I'm not expected to engage others, but I do prefer it especially after I get home.

  2. You did good and still managed to walk away with some left over. I was bad this week and blew my budget for the month. ;) But I have a ton of good stuff to read. I look forward to seeing how your biker book is b/c I need to read a few for one of my book challenges.

  3. lolls, I hear ya Sophia :0

    if I engage with other and the conversation is good, poor book doesn't stand a chance, lolls.

  4. I wish I could tell the family to be quiet because I am reading but nope, I can't. I used to find myself alone at work, in the car garage late because that is when I could pull out my book and read with quiet LOL

  5. lolls...omg Michelle, that's crazy. But I can see myself doing that too. It was quiet today because everyone had something to else to do...thank good gravy ;)

  6. I'm looking forward to reading the biker romance...been seeing some good review on it. At least you got so good books out of it all...that is my goal ;)

  7. ::snort:: I can tune the herd out most of my reading days. It's more the walking over me, head butting, biting elbows, rubbing on the book that gets me.

  8. Smart purchases, I hope the ones you got are all winners!

  9. Good job! I got to learn how do this...Get myself on a budget I mean ;)

  10. Damn girl, you're still doing great for April! :)

  11. I'm trying...hard, lols!! everytime someone posts a book I'm interested in, it takes a lot of restraint not to 1 click :)

  12. it helps out a lot Loupe. I glad I started mines :)

  13. lmbo! your herd be serious Anna. my sisters cat is such a loner. he only wants us to bother him when he wants it....lollz