Review: Beauty and the Earl by Jess Michaels

Source: Provided by Author
Format: eBook (Mobi)
Published: April 15, 2014
Author: Jess Michaels
Samhain Publishing
Series: The Pleasure Wars #3
Sex: R - Strong Sexual Content
Genre: Erotic Historical Romance


This really was a good historical romance story. I was completely taken with both Liam and Violet...especially Violet though. You could feel her inner struggles as she fought her ever growing feelings for Liam and doing what she was paid to do, which was spy on Liam for his sister.

Beauty and the Earl is the third book in Jess Michael's Pleasure Wars series, but I didn't feel lost with the story line here. So I'm guessing that you can read the series out of order, BUT if you want to know more about Liam & his sister's falling out, then it would be best to read book one.

To give you a taste without giving too much away. Violet, a well known courtesan is hired by Liam's sister Ava to spy on see how he is doing. She fears the worst for her brother and is concerned about his welfare, but as I've stated earlier because they are now enstranged, she must use other methods to find out about him. In comes Violet who takes the job because she has plans to leave the courtesan life behind and Ava and her husband just offered her a nest egg to do just that.

It should have been easy, I mean this is what she was hired to do...she's a professional. So why is it so hard to NOT fall for Lord Windbury, The man is a brooding mess, drowning his own sorrows. While most have written him off or feel some sort of pity for him. What Violet sees is a man who needs healing on the inside and out. Oh, and the longer she stays with Liam, the more she starts to fall in love with him. How can this be good for a well versed courtesan?

I liked that Violet was this sexually aware woman, especially back in those times. Plus she was cheeky, but not overly so. It brought Liam out of his shell and he was more and more comfortable around her. She simply knew who she was and accepted her position in life, there was no brow-beating and the "woe is me" syndrome. Liam was a little harder to like, his constant brooding over his lost was a tad melodramatic, but it fit for this story.

Take a bit of Beauty and the Beast and mix it with Historical Romance and you have Jess Michael's Beauty and the Earl. This story is a bit more spicier than that though...thank goodness ;)

A well written and put together tale. All and all, I loved everything about this one.

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