Review: Girls Night Out, Volume 2

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

My apologies on this late post as it was suppose to had went up on Monday. But this past weekend left me a little whumped. It was my birthday and after last week and again this weekend, I was a little wore out and also a little sick. Who gets sick their birthday weekend? this girl...that's who. And then my return to work was hair seemed like everyone wanted something...smh. So my apologies to Ms. Ellisson and the other ladies for the delay with my review.

Source: Provided by Publisher
Format: eBook (Mobi)
Published: March 2013
Author: Various
TBR eBooks
Walk on The Wildside #3.5
Sex: R - Strong Sexual Content
Genre: Contemporary Romance (Erotic & BDSM)

Because this is a anthology, I'm going to break the reviews up by story/author.

Kissed by a Vampire by Patricia A. Wolf
I really liked Michael, he was a good, I mean vampire. Who and what I didn't like was Sarah. She was like Debbie Downer for me. I get she had a rough childhood, but damn woman...let go. After her and Michael "bump" into each other in Aruba, their both there for their friends wedding and unbeknownst to them, their friends are marrying each other. The start was good, even with Sarah still being a major downer, but once she found out that Michael was a vamp...she freaked out like a nut. That I just couldn't read, you're mad...I get it, but to have a full blown temper tantrum. Uh, no! Hot scenes, check. Hot dude, check. Crazy chick with the constant I'm never going to be happy attitude, uncheck.

The Beckoning of Beguiling Things by Calinda B.
I don't know what I read to tell you the truth as there was a lot going on in this story. Witches, warlocks, sexxy male dancers, family secrets and so much more. Maybe it was too was like information overload. This chick Melissa wasn't as bad as the first one, but she was another one who didn't seem to want to move on beyond the past. Set in Las Vegas on a girls trip, Melissa is with her sisters and her best friend. It seems she's the center of something big and everyone knows it, of course but her. Eh, I like it enough, but I was pretty much lost reading this one.

Loving Ms. Wrong by C.J. Ellisson
I loved this story. I thought Marcus and Katrina were so cute and sexxy together. And this ladies is Tony's best friend Marcus from Ms. Ellisson's Vanilla on Top stories. I was really excited to see him get a story as he intrigued me when I was reading Tony & Heather's books. Well, well...job well done C.J. Throw these two together on a stormy rainy night and get them in one room and the sparks are flying and those are hot sparks btw. Good story and you got to know more about both characters way before the sexxy times happened...something I appreciate. I hope to see more of Katrina and Marcus.

A is By Lila Dubois
My feelings on BDSM books have gone down, but there have been some good apples in the barrel and this is one of those apples. Anna and Master Jensen had a good D/s relationship. Anna who has played with Master Jensen before is a little thrown off key when the exclusive club they join throws a new game their was. Everyone must play the game even if you are with someone. Being that Anna & Jensen aren't a couple, she may end up being picked to be with another Dom. Let's just say she isn't to happy about that. But Jensen has a plan of his own to keep Anna out of anyone else's hands and it works. From there, it was hot like fire as they go through the letter A...sexually. Jensen was believable as a Dom and Anna was believable as a submissive..a willing one. Ya'll know I dislike brats.

2 out of 4 ain't bad, this is a good anthology to pick up. There's something here for every reader...I think that's a good thing.

There is aslo a Tour-wide Givaway

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  1. Two outta four isn't bad at all :) I used to love reading anthologies, gives a good intro to new to me authors.

  2. me too..I don't read them much anymore. but you're's a good introduction to new authors :)

  3. I think YOU'RE the Melissa in that one story LOL jk

  4. lols. hell, maybe...the way I've been feeling lately, idk...I might just be....rotfl!

  5. I love reading anthologies but hate reviewing them...LOL Great job Sharonda! Glad you enjoyed some of the stories, sometimes it's hit or miss with these kinds of books because they're mostly novellas.

  6. lols... I totally agree Lori. it takes a lot to think about each story again, at least for me ;)


  7. I'd probably have to take notes after I finished each story for my review...haha

  8. I know I do, shoot..I'm getting up there in age...lols.

  9. I'm glad you read this one. I wondered about it, but don't have the time to squeeze it in for a while so now I got the gist of it from you. I totally feel your pain over those heroines that just won't let go of stuff and just make everybody suffer. Glad the last two worked for you.

    And Happy Belated Birthday, Sharonda! Sorry you had to be sick for it. That should earn you a do-over. ;)

  10. I used to love reading anthologies, gives a good intro to new to me authors.

  11. awwww... Thanks Sophia 😄 feeling a lil better.

    anthologies don't usually Work for me but I wanted to try this one. I'm glad I gave it a go though.

  12. I haven't read many anthos where I like the whole thing. Most of the time I read them b/c they have a part of a series I'm reading or I want the intro to new authors. I almost don't expect to like each story, but most of the time there's something about each that I can like so its not a total bust.

  13. thats true and sometimes you really do find some gems.

  14. Exactly! That's a good way to put it- 'gems'.

  15. Nah 2 out of 4 isn't bad. What is it about heroines? I have such a hard time with them too. Crazy.

    And gah I've been curious about Marcus too! Glad his rocked :) I'll have to check it out just for that :)

    Hope people stopped being all demanding. Drive a girl crazy some days.

  16. ikr? idk what it is about these heroines lately, I know one thing...a girl just can't deal sometimes...lols. And crazy is right.

    He definitely different from Tony...I think I like Marcus more. I really do she writes another book about these two, that would be too exciting.