Review: Healing the Doctor by Sherice Cook

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Source: Brought (BN)
Format: eBook
Published: December 21, 2013
Author: Sherice Cook
Series: NA
Sex: Medium to Strong Sexual Content
Genre: Interracial Contemporary Romance


This was a good story with just amount of heat to get your blood pumping. It's not an insta-romance, but the attraction between Dr. Gregory Walt and Hailey happened pretty quickly.

After stumbling into the good doctor’s room after a night of partying at her best friends bachelorette get together, Hailey wakes up the next morning to find a very gorgeous man staring at her. She immediately panics until he explains how she happened to be in his room…not hers. Immediately embarrassed and of course attracted to Walt, Hailey apologizes and then is shocked when Walt asks her out for lunch….she agrees. When Walt leaves his room, he’s there for a conference; she goes snooping around and finds a picture of a woman and a little boy in one of his open suitcases. Hailey of course assumes the worse and leaves without so much of a note. This leaves poor Walt a little annoyed and frantic to find her when he gets back to his room and finds her gone. He likes Hailey because after losing his wife and son in a car accident some years back…it’s the first time since their passing that he’s smiled in a very long time.

They meet back up later by the pool of the hotel and decide to take a chance to get to know each other a little better, even with the misunderstanding between them. So they leave together since they both live in the same area.

I liked the story…it’s really a sweet romance especially with Walt dealing with the lost of his family and then finding some sunshine in his life after meeting Hailey. Because before that all he was doing was working to get his mind off of his lost. And Hailey was funny and cute, I liked that she didn't rush Walt into getting over losing his wife and son. She took her time to understand and help him deal with as much as she could. It was a battle though, Walt feels guilty about his attraction to Hailey…feels like he’s betraying his wife and son by having such strong feelings for her.

I enjoyed how the author dealt with Walt’s grief, it was palpable. And Hailey's feelings and action when  it came to dealing with him while he tried to overcome his guilt was well done too. There were however some rough moments for me, like the time it took for them to overcome the first misunderstanding about Walt still being married was one and then the other was Hailey’s extreme stubbornness towards the end of the story which almost caused her to lose Walt...thank good gravy her mother talked some sense into her.

Overall, I really enjoyed the read and like I said…it’s a very light sweet romance and with the comedic moments of Hailey’s, it turned out to be a perfect weekend read.

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  1. Ooooh, this sounds good. And that cover, they look like they just rolled out of bed.And it was fuuuuun....

  2. I love the idea of Grims as the paranormal element. These sound good.

  3. What a great way to meet! ;) Getting over the death of a loved one always makes for a heartwarming read and a complicated romance too.

  4. right? lols.. love this cover for sure. it was a solid read.

  5. I thought that was so fun the way they meet and her stumbling in his room was hilarious. ah man..there wereally some heartbreaking moments in this one.

  6. I read a couple of Grim stories and liked these...definitely don't see a lot of stories revovling around them in the pnr world.

  7. Of all the times that I went out to party and went home drunk, how come this has never happened to me?!?!

  8. rotfl!!! me either...I so wish it would ;)

  9. lmao what a way to meet someone. Drunkenly walking into their room and falling asleep. ;)

  10. right?! lolls..hell wish I could walk drunk in a hansome doctors room 😉