Review: His Love by M.O. Kenyan

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Source: Brought (BN)
Format: eBook
Published: November 15, 2013
Author: M.O. Kenyan
Series: NA
Sex: R - Medium to Strong Sexual Content
Genre: Contemporary Multi-Cultral Romance

It was hard to like Antonio..really, really, really hard. The way the man treated his daughter was heartbreaking...I was literally in tears sometimes. I think I was a sucker for punishment the weekend I read this book. I had just finished Healing the Doctor by Sherice Cook and that male had a similar issue, but Antonio goodnes...he was just awful at times.

Lets get to the review.

After losing his wife after she gave birth to their daughter. Antonio Burke buries himself in work. He has a bad relationship with pretty much everyone around him, but the one with this father is worse. While he doesn't even look at his own daughter, he and his father bump heads constantly and oh yeah, they live in the same mansion.

Where to start..*sigh*, lets see. Hmmm...Okay, Lets start with these two characters. Rayne Matthews is down on her luck...her family (mother, father, brother) are all gone and she has lost the house that she's grown up in to the bank. This girl has got to get a job, soooooo...she takes a job as a nanny. She will be nanny to Alexandria Burke, Antonio's daughter. What she finds when she enters this household is heartbreaking. Alexandria is pretty much left in a wing by herself most of the time to avoid her father's wrath. This people is where Antonio's whole family stays, his mother, father and sister too. It's sad on so many damn levels. No one wants to piss Antonio off so Alexandria pretty much lives in her suite of rooms.

So you're probably thinking..Sharonda, how can you even like a man who would treat his daughter and family like strangers. Well, we go. Antonio is a enigma. Like I said he IS hard to like, but while reading this story, you feel the struggle he has dealing with the death of his wife and accepting Alexandria. To him...he was forced to choose between the two and he had to choose while he LOVEs his daughter, when he looks at her, he sees his wife's death. You feel me? understand?

When I first went into this story, I thought what a monster...but M. O. Kenyan gives you so much more with Antonio. The more you read, the more you get of this man who is suffering horribly in his grief. The man cries...CRIES ladies on the anniversary of his wife's death which by the way is also his daughter's birthday. what...the...fuck?! hard, right?

But in comes this woman...this nanny with the fuck you attitude. She's like me, she initially saw a man who is out of his fucking mind. She sees a monster who can't get pass his own shit. Because she's the nanny...Alexandria is pouring her heart out to her saying things like this.

"I sit at his bedroom door sometimes, and outside his office. Sometimes I hear him talking to Aunt Jacqueline and Grandma and Grandpa." "Maybe it would have been better if the waves would have carried me way. Maybe it would have taken me to my Mommy." Alexandria to Rayne

Heart..fucking...breaking. I literally was crying when I read this. And I felt like dude, get over your fucking self...your daughter is alive and needs you. But then M.O. Kenyan threw shit like this my way.

"Goodnight and I love you. Even when I look angry, I still love you."
"I love you too, Daddy." She reached up and wiped a tear. "Even when you are angry at me I still love you." Antonio and Alexandria

See? I can't even be mad. This little girl knows her fathers heart and she loves him and he...he loves her. Shiiiitttt! How can I be mad at the man?

Rayne had her issues too. She was FAR from perfect...she has a past that she doesn't want Antonio and his family to know about. You see, Rayne is a recovering addict, this is how she lost her childhood home. She's now trying to get her life back on track and then she comes into this. She has her own reasons for staying in a household she feels is filled with misery. Its not only Alexandria that needs her but Antonio needs her as well.

Rayne and Antonio were like oil and vinegar...they didn't seem to mix at first. They were pretty much at each other throats for most of the book. But as this story progressed, it got more complicated and dare I say...better. It was sad, happy, and addicting all at the same time. And how could you get a HEA with all of that above mentioned? well, Ms. Kenyan gives you one. A good, heart-pulling one.

Loved this story...even when I wanted to punch Antonio in the throat, I loved this story. Can't say it's many books out there that have me all twisted up on the inside, this is one on them. It's a good twist too.

**Update: The publisher this book was originally published under closed. I did contact Ms. Kenyan and she said it would be republished soon :)

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  1. I can see how this would be a good read despite Antonio. His character is so primed for an awesome character development, he's begging to be redeemed. I love tropes like this although I'd like it to be more on the rom-com side. Looks like this is written well though, great find!

  2. exactly Braine! his redemption towards the end of the story was well worth the read. It was really well written, I need to find more of her books ;)

  3. I just read one like that too where the hero is tough to like b/c he can't get his business together. However, the author wrote him in such a way that I couldn't detest him either b/c he really did have something big to get past. It sounds like the heroine has to grow too.

    I wouldn't mind reading this one. I don't mind flawed characters and I love books with family in them.

  4. I like when authors writing heroe's like me they are more relate-able. I like when families are in books too, you get a sense of everyone that's in the story, not just the hero/heroine.

  5. This sounds like a complicated couple, but a good pairing in the end.

  6. Oh goodness Sharonda. That sounds...hard! I can't imagine being in that position for him or his baby girl. What an awful decision and thing to happen. Not too long ago one of the girls I went to school with passed away during childbirth. It just broke my heart what her husband and baby are gonna go through. I'm adding this one to the list but think it'll take me a bit to get to it. That really sounds like one that'll have me doing the ugly crying.

  7. oh so complitcated Mel...ugh! It was a good/hard read...

  8. omg...Anna, it was really hard. I just wanted to dislike this man..but alas, I couldn't. Oh how sad, I can't even imaginw something like that...I just can't. I think this is why I gave Antonio so much lead way. The way this author wrote him, it was really hard to dislike him.

  9. It looks like a hard read, and sometimes it's good to change from the usual fluff/pnr, but I think it's not for me now - putting it on my list, though ;)