Review: Wolf's Strength by Ambrielle Kirk

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Source: Provided by Author through Book Monster Promotions
Format: Mobi
Length: 161 pages
Published: March 12, 2014
Obsidian Gem Publishing, LLC
Author: Ambrielle Kirk
Series: Caemdon Wolves #5
Sex: R - Strong Sexual Content
Genre: Paranormal Multicutral Romance


For the amount of pages in Wolf's Strength, there is a lot going on in and it punches a pretty good punch. There is friction between all of the werewolf packs, but the friction between the Caemdon and Arnou pack is thick as a fog...these also happen to be the two most powerful packs. But they are both fighting "the others" as well. These are  now humans who were willingly stripped of their werewolf spirit and power.

Now I liked Wolf's Strength enough, I just felt we didn't get enough of "the" couple in this one. The romance that goes on in the 5th book of this series is between Blake Deluca, who is a council member for the Caemdon wolves and his lover Naomi Valentine who is a elite member for the Arnou wolves. So you can imagine how hard it is for them to be together especially with their Alpha's not really caring for one another. Both Blake and Naomi love each and ARE each other's mate, but can't really be "together" because of this rift. So they sneak off to see each other when they can. I had a problem with some aspect of this and my issue was with Naomi.

She has this blind loyalty to her family and I'm not saying thats not a good thing. But when some of your family cares little about your well being, then that loyalty to me becomes null and void. And this loyalty also kept her from being with Blake her mate. How they came to just accept sleeping together every now and again to have sex and be okay with it is crazy. Especially as you read this series, the bond between mates is like uber strong. So why be in misery when you don't have to be?

"Work around it?" He must have lifted his foot off the gas pedal because the sports car slowed in pace. "I don't want to work around being with you. Call me selfish, but I want you in the center of my world"  Blake to Naomi

My other issue was the lack of the MC's voices here. We got alot of others things, but Naomi and Blake's story got lost in all of it. I wanted more of them because they were a interesting couple. They popped up every now and then throughout the story and then at the end...they had a mating ceramony.

I'm giving this three and a 1/2 because the ending was a doozy. We find out who Elise, Devin's little sister mate is and I have to say that it was quite shocking. A good shocking too.

So all and all, I liked it. There was some cluttering of the story with all that went on but I was a tad bit disappointed as there wasn't more of Blake and Naomi. In the past books, we always got the history of the Caemdons and the wolf war BUT it never took away from the MC's. Their story was still the main focus, that wasn't done here.

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  1. Hmmm I don't know how to feel about a PNR with minimal romance, this sounds more like UF to me. That could be a bummer esp when your motivation for reading this is the romance part

  2. thanks Michelle and if you ever remember LL book...give a girl a holla, I would like to read about him :D

    Right? jabbing the womb..oh man, that one gets me. Like this chick is suppose to have your kid're killing her..lols.

  3. ha! @ Dirk Digglers. I'm so with you Loupe. Yep, It the motion of the ocean baby, they better get with it :D

  4. ermergerd. wish I knew about this challenge before today! xDD It definitely would have pushed me to actually post everyday. and I haven't heard of her o.O don't judge me! BUT BUT BUT! I love her voice <3 great post! and good luck with the challenge girly.

    My TJ


  5. :D Im so happy you guys are loving her voice...ah, that voice just gets me everytime.

    thank you! Girl, you know I'm trying to come up with everyday's giving my brain a kitnipsion...rotfl.

  6. Thank you, my dear! I needed this laugh.
    I've had this discussion with co-workers and teenagers who read a lot of romance and get the idea that stuff is real.
    I actually find some sex scenes more funny and some freak me out in a 'glad its not me' in that scene way. I try to picture stuff for real and just shake my head. This includes the size of cocks. I've actually winced when length was described as 8" or longer and the breadth? Ouchiewawa!
    The ones that really go crazy with the big bad boy cocks are m/m romances. You go, guys! Braver souls than me that's for sure.

  7. Not a fan of PNR without turns in to UF and I don't read UF. Great review.

  8. Size doesn't's how they use it...but no, I don't want to read about large cocks ripping up someone. I did read Safeword: Matte where he was a big guy and it hurt, but it also showed how they tried to work around it so he wasn't splitting her in two. Only other one I read as a M/M one by Daisy Harris that had me slightly cringing, but then the guy with the big dong was kind of self-concious about it anyway.
    I don't need measurements in my romance...just say he's thick and long and let my mind fill in the rest!

  9. Beautiful voice and a good choice for A. Sorry I haven't been around the last two weeks for Tuesday Jams! Hope to get back to it next week. Between spring break and a surgery, I have been behind on everything.

    Can't wait to read what you have picked for D tomorrow!

  10. Girl, you focus on get better :) My son didn't get a spring break, he is pissed...lolls.

    ugh..I have to think of a letter D. But I will admit this challenge is fun!

  11. Yep! You've definitely got an honest beef if the main story got buried in the series stuff. I've seen this a few times too. Even the great Black Dagger Brotherhood series does it and I don't like it. A main story thread should stand out even if the side story is necessary too. Maybe next time.

  12. First, this post should have come with a warning, like not to eat or drink while reading. Second, I want to know WHAT books you were reading!!! I've read a ton of books, but it's a rare thing for the heroes to be well-endowed. I come across that once in a blue moon. Your comment of "you're not coming at me with that thing" had me in stitches. I reminds me of an episode of Sex and the City when Samantha describes one particularly too-large-for-her appendage: "It was huge! It was like a wall of flesh coming right at me." LOL. Great post! I can't wait for your "C" post. I wonder what that will be about ;)

  13. LOL. Great post -- and so, so true!

    The book that always comes to mind when talking about big dicks would be Undressed (, which I, somehow, finished, but wow. First, the hero is described, using these exact words, as being the same size (girth and length) as an Evian bottle. As in this (see pic).

    And, of course, the heroine begs for it, rather than running away. And of course she takes him like a porn star. *rolls eyes*.

    But that's not even the worst part.

    During one sex scene, he somehow has magical powers where he can tell that her va-jay-jay is "hungry" for more than just his (way-to-fucking-huge) cock. So he SOMEHOW manages to squeeze one ball inside her, then, directly from the book, "pop" and in went his second nut. NOW HE IS FUCKING HER WITH THE EVIAN BOTTLE AND BOTH NUTS. AND SHE'S TAKING IT, SCREAMING HER PLEASURES, ETC.


    What. The. Actual. FUCK.

    LOL. Sorry, but I couldn't resist sharing this with everyone considering your topic. And to all those who are now scared for life like me -- you are welcome! lol.


  14. Oh my..thank goodness I was not drinking anything when I read this post.
    I've always wondered about those women in the books who take it like there is nothing to it. I read a book recently where the heroine even said…how is that going to fit down there? She ends up walking funny, but she enjoyed it. Yup…more power to her. LOL
    Great post! This made me laugh especially after having a horrific day at the doctor's office.

  15. me either Shari. I just think this one got lost in all the other stuff. I just wish she would have gave us more of the couple.

  16. Oh god, the warden kills me...everybody talks in her books. It's crazy sometimes. The last couple of books haven't been high points for me.

    I'm hoping with the next story, we get more of the MC...I really do because this really is a good shifter series.

  17. lolls...omg, right? I love books where they mention the size. I'm no way in hell she's enjoy way!

    *shudders* good gravy, I can't even imagine reading that Sophia...lols. I mean dang, how is all of that going to go back there?!

  18. well at least that was mentioned...them working around it. It just crazy...I'm alway rolling my eyes when I read some of these stories.

    lols...I hear you Shari. That's it...that's all, spare me the details.

  19. lolls...sorry. Girl I was in the zone writing this one. Had to get it all off my chest...lmbo!

    I read some, but I got to say the one with the donkey dick had me just smh and the woman wasn't a virgin, but she wasn't well verse in sex was nuts to read.

    ROTFL!!! oh that is a good one. Nope, not touching me...I want to walk after :D

  20. CTFU!!!! a evian bottle? no fudging way! omg, I gotta take a look at this book! Girl, you know that is a story because no way in hell a woman is screaming pleasure from taking something that looks like that! no way!

    See? this is a prime example of what I mean...smh. that's just all kinds of crazy.

  21. thanks! and glad I could give you a good laugh after visiting the doctor :D

    bwahahaha...walking funny! omg, what? see and she took it anyway *rolls eyes* lolls.

  22. I wish I was joking. Really, I do. The whole book was crazy sauce, but I've had fun joking about it with the author on GR and Twitter (she does have a good sense of humor, thank goodness!). I know some who loved the book, so obviously I was not the audience for it, but oh well. :)

  23. awesome the author has a good sense of humor :D Everytime I look at the bootle, I cringe. Geez, I can't even imagine that way.

  24. Worst part is I used to buy Evian. After that, I couldn't look at the bottle the same way again, and no way was I putting my mouth on it . . . LOL