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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Welcome back to another zombified week of Talking Zombies with Ana & Sharonda. Today we will be recapping on Sunday nights episode: S04E16 “A”

Ana: Well, Terminus was a bust. WTF. Those people…. smh. But damn. Best part for me? Rick to Darryl: You’re my brother. EEEEK! YES! And the ending as well… Rick to group: They’re going to feel pretty stupid when they find out… That they’re messing with the wrong people.  Definitely my favorite scenes from this episode. I’m a bit let down with the build up to the finale. Maybe it’s just me tho. I’m kinda sad that we didn’t get to see Tyreese, Carol, Beth and baby Judith. Sigh.

Lori: I always knew something would go down at Terminus, I just didn’t plan on the people going all Hannibal on them! This wasn’t their best season finale, but at least no one major was killed! Oh, Hershel I still miss you! It was great seeing the flashbacks with him.. And finally we got some Rick time! Rick became my hero all over again in this episode. I was so happy he went all zombie on those assholes! Wait, am I allowed to curse in this post? *sorry* Confession: My ovaries just about exploded when Rick and Daryl had that brother moment! ;)

Grace: I did like this episode, but felt let down by Terminus. There was so much build up to it and it failed. Rick had every right to kill those people. Love that he munched on Joe’s throat, even if it was a bit gory.

Sharonda: Cuss away...lols. I was definitely let down. It was all this build up and then “nothing”. And this season finale did not live up to others. Nothing was exciting besides my Rick and Daryl moment...Oh my god, that moment..that moment was tear jerking “you’re my brother” had my and my sister in tears. Rick was the high moment for me...he was just awesomeness in this finale and I’m so glad they brought my Sheriff back!

Ana: I gotta agree with Grace. Terminus was definitely a let down. And you all know how I felt about all the dragged “character building” episodes. I was expecting… MORE! not passer by clips of the people of Terminus shooting at the ground and maybe them being cannibals. Sigh…Total let down for this finale.

Lori: I think they ate Beth….where else could she be?! I think Tyrese and Carol will be their only way out of that situation now...let’s hope they’re smarter and don’t just walk in there like Glenn and Maggie did!

Grace: I would have liked to have seen Tyrese, Carol, baby Judith.  I want to know where the hell Beth is. Who has her? What are they doing with her? I normally don’t like Beth, but curious as to what is going to happen to her. I think if Tyrese and Carol show up In Terminus, it might be when all hell is breaking loose in Terminus and why are they keeping them in a Train box. I like Rick at the very end. He looks homicidal.

Sharonda: I’m starting to believe Beth isn’t at Terminus. I think some other folks have her and IF she is and that a big if...they have her in one of those containers. I wanted to see more of Tyrese, Carol and baby Judith. I was disappointed that they weren’t shown, but I do think they will help Rick and them get out of Terminus.

Ana: Ooooh. Sharonda! WHAAAAAAT. Okay, I didn’t think that far ahead at all.. you could be right. People with cars… but why?! ermergerd. I can’t wait til next season. Again with Tyrese, Carol and baby Judith. I’m glad they weren’t in this show. But I do miss their presence. BUT biiiiig BUT! I don’t wanna know what would have happened with Judith. Would they have taken her and raised her as their own? We dunno. Sigh.

Lori: I think Carol, Tyreese and baby Judith are ok for now, probably the safest out of the entire group! I can't say I really missed them in this episode, I was too distracted by the appearance of Sheriff Rick Grimes...yeah baby!!!

Grace: I kind of was hoping that Terminus would be a home. Sadly not. I can’t believe they are cannibals according to some of the rumors. I really can’t take seeing cannibalism on TV.

Sharonda: Just a thought Ana and I hope it’s true. I don’t want Beth to be in one of those containers by herself. I hope they’re okay too Lori, I really do.

I think the producers got us all excited for Terminus, but I knew…I knew something bad was going to happen. They always end the finales with some bad mojo going down. Cannibalism, I wasn’t expecting. But am I shocked? No. I believe we can expect almost anything in this world. I dislike how it was handled. It was really a bad/exciting build up to Terminus. It was an okay epi with minor exciting parts...mainly Rick’s parts :D

Ana: Grace, I was kinda hoping the same thing. But kinda not. Only because I’m not too hopped up on the show ending so soon. It seemed kinda suspicious with only Mary greeting them and then with only a few people standing around?? I couldn’t believe that it’s a sanctuary when there aren’t that many people. Seriously? Just.. no.

Lori: Rumors? Did you not see the piles of bones in the yard as they were trying to escape?! Where else would they find meat in the zombie apocalypse? I was thinking, since everyone has the virus...what happens when you do eat another human, will those people turn into walkers or create a new breed of walkers? LOL Yeah, this is what I think about due to this damn show…

Sharonda: Good point Lori! but if they’re cooking them?...

And yeah, I saw the tweets and rumors. But that pile of bones when the group ran by confirmed it. All I need is for everyone in the group to have the same attitude as my man Rick and I’m happy.

Ana: That’s a good point Lori, but I think the virus takes hold of you after you die. Just like when you die on the show and you come back a zombie. It’s like… something clicks. There’s a “on button” for your zombieself to surface…. or maybe I sound like I’m talking out of my ass. lol. They did cut of Hershel’s leg to save him from turning completely.

Lori: Well, unless they cook them alive...LOL

Sharonda: hmmmmm.. another good point Anna. And in on point about Hershel. I'm looking forward to next season Only to see them get out of those damn containers. Rick and his group was smart...careful. But I can see why Glenn's group was so accepting of Terminus. After a while, you are tired. it was a bad move on their part not to be more aware. I just hope this season kicks off with a bang. it was a slow season finale and I wasn't all that impressed.


Team Cargo Container or Team Cannibal?   

Lori: Umm Team Prison turned Team Cargo Container...always!!!

Grace: Team Cargo Container….

Sharonda: uh...Team Cargo Container!!! Lets go Rick!

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  1. Lord, when Rick went zombie on the man, you would have thought I was at the Final Four! I was yelling and fist pumping. I was like "FINALLY! He's back!" Then I got pissed at Carl for being a little girl. Man, your Dad just saved you from being raped and you're worried about how he did it? And Daryl, lord have mercy! He just never quits. Great post! Team C C!

  2. what?! that was the best frigging part, I mean besides his & Daryl moment :D

    I can't wait until next season...oh I do hope shit gets really real! lols.

    Team C C all the way baby!

  3. I saw the pile of bones! And there is no way that place is a sanctuary. I also love that Rick is back!
    I think we are going to see a totally new Rick, and I love that. I also believe Beth was taken, she might be a Terminus too. I'm a little concerned about Carl, the closeup when his father was killing that guy has made me scare that something might have shifted in Carls mind:( I hope not.
    Favorite moment: THE BITE...LOL

  4. The pile of bones was the moment that confirmed these people are friggin nuts. And yay for Rick being back...thats what this group needs.

    Carl will be alright I's like he told his father. He's becoming a little monster too. At this point, I'm scared for Beth..them leaving her character up in the air like this, can't bode for anything good.

    That bite and then when he took his hands and gutted dude...damn!!!!

  5. Yeah. joining you in the cover whore-ish-ness. lol

  6. How awesome was that bite?! I fell in love with Rick all over again after that scene! I think Carl was a little traumatized by all of that but I think he'll be ok in the end...well as good as he can be for growing up in the zombie apocalypse!`

  7. I love the sounds of these books. The first one sounds familiar so I must already have it on my wishlist. And I vote these covers are awesome too. ;)

  8. Exactly. It's one thing if it's not a romance but come on if it's a romance I came for the SHOW not all the commercials. lol I'm skipping the King too. I've heard it's good but eh. I'll keep an eye out for a used copy maybe.

  9. lols...I added them to my wishlist today and yes I agree these covers are to die for :D

  10. This definitely was a slow season with a lot of little surprises thrown in the mix. Now we have to wait and see what's going on at Terminus and how is Daryl going to survive this? LOL Love that Rick is back, too!

    And I'm totally with y'all about the cannibalism. How did they get all that meat? Jeez. And where is Beth? Can't believe she didn't even show up at the end. :(