Tuesday Jams #43 - 90s R&B

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

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This week on TJ is all about 90s R&B! Wooot! Yes. I was in a Skype call with some friends and we were listening to music, and I said, "favorite oldies R&B song. GO!" and, well, one of my friends couldn't think of one. So I started linking songs that I remembered from back then and luuurved. And played the shit out of on the cassette lols. One of those songs was Lately by Divine. LOOVE this song. And boy, oh boy did I play this jam out when I was younger. EEEK. Song is just... so cute. Welp, it was after that, that I decided to go with 90s R&B jams for this weeks post. And here I am :) Of course, I didn't want to leave it at just this song, although I could have, but I kept searching for songs, and...well, I just had to keep adding songs to the playlist. 

Go ahead and hit that play button on the baby blue music player below and jam out with me :) What's your favorite 90s R&B tune? Is it on this list?

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