Cutting the Budget ~ (Week 3)

Hosted by Shari over at Delighted Reader. It's a great way to keep track on that book spending limit we alwasy set ourselves up on, but never seem to follow.
(*taxes are included in book prices)

It was another slow week at Salacious Reads so that means not a lot of book buys either. I have watching my pennies because I have a lot of things coming up in the next couple of weeks so frivolous spending is out of the question. But I did pick up some goodies, the rest were adding to my various wishlists.

Secrets by Kiru Tay ~ $4.27 (a tad expensive for the amount of pages, but I really wanted to read this one and I did and dammit it's good. Now I have to wait for the 3rd book. Oh come on Kiru, I need to know what happens when Ben & Selina go visit his Uncle.)

Prized by Cassandra Carr ~ $0.00 (thanks to Liz over at Fictional Candy...I'll be reading this one soon)

Black Ice by Deep Pink ~ $0.00

Traffic Stop: An Adventure, Twice Told by W. Lynn Chantale ~ $0.00

I also received L.V. Lewis's Jungle Fever Duology...don't have a cover for that one :(

Cover Crack

Check the prices before you click. That's it for me...until 2morrow, Happy Sunday!

*all books purcashed/downloaded through AllRomance/BN/Amazon.

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