Quote-Tastic #20 ~ Gents 4 Ladies by Dez Burke

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Hosted by Anna over at Herding Cats & Burning Soup, join us every Monday and share a favorite quote from a favorite or current read. 

This weeks quote is short...like one line short. But I felt it all the way to my bones....

"Don't hold back. Give it to me," Jordan commanded on a grunt, tearing this lips away from her nipple.

*thud* Catch my review 2morrow.

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  1. yep, that's all I'm saying...just be fair. I feel like I'm being robbed sometimes with some of these prices, lols. My wishlist is nuts. I did catch a couple on sale this week...so that thing comes in handy!

    OMG, Sophia I can't even tell yo how many books I let expire. I really had to step back and think about what I was doing.and you're right, the authors/publishers have been great about it.

  2. Yeah, its a fine line to get to the books read and reviewer before they archive (especially when my request sits a long time before approval), but sometimes I'm not sure how those dates are set. I've had publishers set up tours for books that are already archived or I've had them tell me that the review date is fine as long as its within a certain amount of time. I still try to aim for the release date and definitely by the archive date, but I don't sweat it if I'm off it a bit either.

  3. I always wondered about that..reviewing a book by the archive it release date..

    I always try to review by the release date too, buthat I'm in the same way...most times mines is after.

    I'm laying off the tours for a while..want to get more reading in.

  4. That's a good plan. Shari is busy with personal stuff for several weeks coming up so we kept commitments light at the blog too. I'll definitely be using the time to catch up.

  5. Such a short quote, but it says so much! Thanks for sharing.

  6. thanks for stopping by Carmel ;)

    loved this quote.

  7. Very hot! Some times words aren't necessary to get a point across. :)

  8. Well...okay! With a side of Oh hell yeah! Yes, please! lol

  9. lmbo! omg, this book had my "pressuure" up...lols!

  10. OO drives me nuts when they don't act their age one way or another. Either acting way too young like that or when you have like a 10 year old that talks and sounds 40. lol Sorry to hear this was a miss for ya.

  11. lols...love the big eyes thingy. I know...this was a very frustrating one and I felt bad to give it just a 2 rating (there are so many 5's on GR & Amazon) but I just didn't get it. It has potential...but with all that's going on and then the way they were written, it was...

    yeah, it was a miss for me at least, lols.

  12. Oh my gosh and when you see that don't you just wonder...what the heck was I missing? I've had a few like that and just didn't get all the 5s. Ah well.

  13. exactly...almost makes you wanna go back and re-read the book...almost, lols.

    eh, things happen & we can't love every book ;)



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