Review: Beneath the Boss by Lydia Rowan (Books 1, 2 & 3)

Monday, May 5, 2014

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Format: Mobi (Kindle)
Published: Various dates
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Author: Lydia Rowan
Series: Beneath The Boss
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Genre: Interracial Contemporary Romance
Sex: R-Strong Sexual Content

Beneath the boss as a whole is a very good story, I loved it. This story is a serial romance broken up into three books which revolves around Layla Grayson and her billionaire boss Leighton Means.

Lalya has worked for the company that Leighton now runs since she graduated high school. But, with Leighton's assistance has worked her way up to senior financial analyst and sometimes Leighton's personal assistant. Layla works close with Leighton because they are in a way friends. He trusts Layla more that he trust anyone else, and she is good at what she does.

But of course, ya'll know that there's an strong attraction there (must be those long nights of working together...those slight sometimes brush up's against each other? hmmmmm....). And then there's Layla's feelings for Leighton, she owes him a lot, helped her through difficult times. She has strong sexual feelings towards him too, daydreams about him "fucking" her. But Layla ever the professional would never of course say these things to Leighton no matter how comfortable they are with each other.

What brings these two together is the sudden threat of Layla being taking away from Leighton. A business rival, who Leighton is planning on taking out, offers Layla a job to come work for him. Layla is considering leaving and Leighton of course is pissed. Once the offer is given, Leighton realizes that he can't loose Layla and will do anything to keep her not just with his company but with him. But what will his betrayal do to their relationship once Layla finds out? And will Layla get past her hurt to realize that Leighton is just what she needs?

I have to say I loved this dang of serial and kudos to Ms. Rowan for not dragging to story out. Three books was all it took. I dislike when serials/series that revolve around ONE dog on couple is unnecessarily dragged. It pisses this reader off and you are liable to lose me. SO again, thank you Ms. Rowan.

Leigton was the perfect billionaire. Arrogant, selfish...a billionaire, lols. BUT Leighton also had a very sweet and sensitive side, you learn this as you read further into the books. I won't dish (catch my Quote-tatic and maybe you'll figure it out)...the man took care of people he cared about and valued. Layla, I liked too. She was funny and tough, she didn't put up with Leighton's funky attitude. But you did have to question her actions sometimes when it came to dealing with him. For the tough woman that she was, she easily fell for his charms and *coughs* tongue. I would chalk it up to her feelings for Leighton, she already loved the man. Everyone around her knew it. She defended him when everyone else called him a cold bastard. But as I read more, the more I can see why she felt the way she did. Layla saw sides of Leighton no one else did. And even though he was a bastard towards her at times, I can still see why she felt the way she did.

Still, I liked the relationship between them. The work and play one, hell...they just meshed. He was all rough and she was all soft. Good friction if you ask this gal. Good serial if you ask this gal and I think Ms. Rowan has a fan here ;) 

*book 1 is currently Free

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