Review: Ladies 4 Gents by Dez Burke

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Source: Purchased
Format: eBook (Mobi)
Published: May 19, 2013
Series: NA
Author: Dez Burke
Genre: Contemporary Interracial Romance
Sex: Strong Sexual Content

So you need a date for your bosses wedding, a boss who thinks you can't get a man. What do you do? Well, you take the advise of your best friend and hire a male escort. It's not something you usually would do, but are kind of desperate.

Tiana, our female lead is a serious young woman. She and works. All fun and no play kinda makes Tiana a dull girl. But with her upcoming bosses wedding, she needs a man and fast. So her best friend Alyssa makes a suggestion, hire a male escort from the well know site Gents4Ladies. Aylssa has never used the site herself, but *she heard* of this dude Jordan who is listed there and he comes highly recommended. Now Alyssa has quite the connection to Jordan...oh man, it was exciting and nope, I'm not saying what the connection is. But, it's so cool the way she set these two up...lols. I hope Dez Burke writes a book for her. Anyways, Tiana is a little suspicious but gives in and after looking up Jordan and liking what she sees, she contacts him.

Jordan who is a well known and respected financial manager is very shocked when some woman calls his phone looking to hire him as a escort, its truly a WTF moment. He is of course pissed, but curious too. Who would post his picture and information on a male escort site? In a guise to figure out what is going on and he does like the sound of Tiana's voice over the phone, he agrees to meet and escort her to her bosses wedding. His initial plan is to tell her that this is one big mistake and again find out if Tiana knows more about his information being on the site. But when he walks into the wedding hall and sees Tiana, he's instantly attracted to her and that plan flies south for the winter.

So what was suppose to be a clear up of a big misunderstanding ends up with Jordan & Tiana taking "their" date past one day AND becomes an all out sexual romp between these two. The problem that come along is as Jordan continues to play the role of escort,  both he and Tiana are both starting to have strong feelings for one another. How will Tiana feel when she finds out that the man she's starting to fall for isn't at all what he says he is? And can Jordan deal with the consequences of his lie?

There is no deep moving plot here BUT this story rolled into a satisfying read. Jordan and Tiana were complicated characters as they're both a little jaded at love and relationships. Tiana has self confidence issues and Jordan is very much an alpha male and oh ma god, the man was sexually aggressive. Thank goodness Tiana liked her men a lil rough and in control.

It all blended very well together. The romance was instantaneous, but here I really didn't mind it so much. These two are so attracted to one another and they pretty much acted on those attractions from the start. But again, they both have issues making their feelings known because they've both scared of being hurt. So you pretty much have them dancing around each other trying to figure out what the other is feeling or thinking. And you know, that can sometimes be frustrating when you're reading because you want the couple in question to cut it out and get it together. But I think it fit for this story especially with Jordan playing the role that he was.

Gents 4 Ladies for me was fun, sexxy and omg! a  hot read. Sometimes, you need a little fun with your book reads and then add some explosive sex...YAASS! This girl likes it. I'm glad I changed my mind and read this one. I've become a big fan of Dez Burke and the woman is becoming one of my favorite and go to authors in the interracial romance genre.

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  1. This does sound like FUN! I always love to see how they get out of the lie blowing up in their face and that cover is BANGING!! And the SEAL jam..... just perfect.

  2. Oh my gosh Sharonda it has been ages since I listened to Seal but damn I used to LOVE him. Smoky is such a good word for him. Gah so good. Thanks for the throw back :)

  3. He is so easy on the ears...lols. You're welcome Sophia :)

  4. same here! I so glad I came across my old playlist. i might be playing throwbacks for minute, lols.

  5. Oh, it was so much fun and oh boy when she found out...lols. But Jordan had a way of persuading her not to stay too mad :D

    I love the chest! lols. Thanks Sebella!

  6. Gigolo? no...where can I find it?

    She questioned herself over that aspect for sure. I mean it's hard enough to compete with 1 ex-girlfriend, but for someone who sleeps with women for money? that would be hard. You would totally get lost in this one ;D...I did.

  7. they really are...goodness, I wanted to skip to the end so bad to see what happened, lols. But I held myself in check :)

    Alyssa was a mess, but she really did have good intentions. It was crazy, but still she just wanted the people around her to be happy.

    I was on a Seal kick all that mans voice.

  8. I just remembered who Seal reminds me of and its been driving me nuts for years. Sam Cooke! When I was a kid I listened to Sam and thought the same thing about his voice. What a relief to have that worked out. Haha!

    Some characters are good types of messes and not the annoying kinds.

  9. haha I'm trying to picture the dude's face when he got the call.

  10. lmbo! right? it's like looks around to make sure you're not being punked or something...lols!

  11. Yepppp! lmao I'd be sitting there like wtf is going on and who set this up

  12. ha! that would be me too. Yelling and screaming too, I'm going kick someone's ass...lols!

  13. Been AWHILE since I heard Seal. Thanks Sexxxy :)