Review: Rapt by Laurel Cremant

Source: Purchase
Format: eBook (Mobi)
Published: April 19, 2014
Winged Moon Publishing
Series: NA
Author: Laurel Cremant
Genre: Interracial Contemporary Romance (Light BDSM, Erotic)
Sex: Strong Sexual Content


Jessica Sinclair is extremely attracted to her boss Lucas Wright, she might very well be love with him. You can probably say the same about Lucas, so these two play a game everytime they meet. Jessica gets off when she hears Lucas's voice and he knows that she does...Lucas also knows that Jessica likes a lil pain with her pleasure and he is a tad sadistic. Now these two are not your whips and chains kinds of people...they don't play that way. In short Jessica likes extended foreplay to the point where it causes her pain and Lucas is just the sort of male give her what she needs. He's not a dom although he is a alpha male and she is not a sub...although she is submissive, but Jessica is also a masochist.

Rapt is a short read and here you follow along as these two agree to one night of play together. What will happen after their night ends? Will they continue with their work relationship? Or will they succumb to their ever growing feelings for one another and take the relationship to the next level? Hmmmm....

I enjoyed the relationship between Lucas and Jessica, they were seemingly written for one another. I liked how Lucas was a alpha, but he wasn't overbearing. He was a very sweet short he wasn't a alpha asshole, lols. Although I do like my assholes every now and again. Jessica was a very likable character too and I'm very hard on my females. But Jessica even though she had her doubts about where the relationship with Lucas could or couldn't go was still a engaging character.

I only gave this one 3 1/2 heels because of the numerous grammatical errors. They were a plenty and mildly distracting. However, the story still flowed very well despite them. All and all, Rapt is a sexxy short read...good stuff.

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