Review: Rapt by Laurel Cremant

Monday, May 19, 2014

Source: Purchase
Format: eBook (Mobi)
Published: April 19, 2014
Winged Moon Publishing
Series: NA
Author: Laurel Cremant
Genre: Interracial Contemporary Romance (Light BDSM, Erotic)
Sex: Strong Sexual Content


Jessica Sinclair is extremely attracted to her boss Lucas Wright, she might very well be love with him. You can probably say the same about Lucas, so these two play a game everytime they meet. Jessica gets off when she hears Lucas's voice and he knows that she does...Lucas also knows that Jessica likes a lil pain with her pleasure and he is a tad sadistic. Now these two are not your whips and chains kinds of people...they don't play that way. In short Jessica likes extended foreplay to the point where it causes her pain and Lucas is just the sort of male give her what she needs. He's not a dom although he is a alpha male and she is not a sub...although she is submissive, but Jessica is also a masochist.

Rapt is a short read and here you follow along as these two agree to one night of play together. What will happen after their night ends? Will they continue with their work relationship? Or will they succumb to their ever growing feelings for one another and take the relationship to the next level? Hmmmm....

I enjoyed the relationship between Lucas and Jessica, they were seemingly written for one another. I liked how Lucas was a alpha, but he wasn't overbearing. He was a very sweet short he wasn't a alpha asshole, lols. Although I do like my assholes every now and again. Jessica was a very likable character too and I'm very hard on my females. But Jessica even though she had her doubts about where the relationship with Lucas could or couldn't go was still a engaging character.

I only gave this one 3 1/2 heels because of the numerous grammatical errors. They were a plenty and mildly distracting. However, the story still flowed very well despite them. All and all, Rapt is a sexxy short read...good stuff.

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  1. I love this story and that's only the beginning. 😊

  2. You did great! I know what you mean about caving on some overpriced books b/c you're hooked on the series. At least it was really good and not a flop. Nice job of hunting out some freebies. I've had a quiet week of no buying b/c its been busy too. It certainly helped that one of my long anticipated books landed in my lap as a review. ;)

  3. This series sounds familiar from a review I've read praising it highly, but I can't remember where. Looks like you like it too. :) Brother's bestfriend plot, heh? Those can be fun. Thanks for sharing the quote, Sharonda.

  4. It's so hard to strike the balance between take-charge and arrogant. Glad these two worked for you. That's interesting about the power dynamics, but it being more preference than personality when it comes to the dominance and submission. I'm still puzzling all that out.

  5. oh that is cool Sophia...lucky woman you ;D

    I gotta say, I'm so glad I started this's working out so well for me..Girl, I needed it, lols.

  6. A. Breton didn't pull any punches man. Shoot she, started off with hot scene.

    Ya welcome...thanks for stopping through and commenting Sophia :)

  7. me too Sophia. With Lucas, his thing was he really wanted to control a woman's organism so he liked the fact that Jessica enjoyed extended foreplay. I neccessarily didn't see that has sadistic, but I gues that depends on the woman...lols. Which is why I didn't think he wasn't a dom...he diidb't have dom tendencies. He didn't want to control all aspects or certain aspects of her life. And the only pain he wanted to cause was something she was willling to submiit too.

    I guess as I read more of the BDSM/Erotic genre, I'll come across some things that will have me a lilttle perplexed. But it's nice to know that the lifestyle isn't all about pain.

  8. The budgeting is really helping me too. I used to just buy a book because I wanted it and I knew that I'd read it, but now I actually work out how many I can reasonably buy and read in a month. Just the hesitation to think it through has saved me money several times and kept me from later feeling guilty b/c the book is just sitting b/c I don't have time for it.

    That's awesome that Kiru's series has you totally sucked in and loving it. That review book I got is the third book in a series that I feel about the same way. I think there is just one more book after this one. Yummo!

  9. Same here! Each new BDSM or D/s style erotic romance teaches me something new and helps me get rid of my preconceived notions. Okay, well, I guess I should qualify that and say that most of the ones I read, but not all. ;) I read a few that made me realize that the author was even more ignorant than me about the power dynamics and lifestyle, but had the notion she/he could write it anyway.

  10. Hadn't heard of this one, but sounds good. :)

  11. it's turning out to be a very fun read Judy ;)

  12. Ahhh the best friend's baby sister. I LOVE that one. Sounds like a fun one :)

  13. The sweet but alpha is such a good combo. And a heroine that was awesome too? Always nice. I'm like you. Hard on those women so nice to hear she was a good one.

    I love the different dynamics and degrees of D/s that come out in reads. I just finished one where he was a Dom but not in the traditional sense exactly. It was more the mental surrender not the physical he wanted. Was kinda different.

  14. it was most definitely a fun read. I like the whole you're my best friends little sister,,,I can't have feelings for you thingy. I love when they finally give in to their feelings...such fun!

  15. ooo....that definitely sounds different. the more I read and find out about the different type of relationships in the D/s world, it's just mind blowing and I'm just curious about all of it. and like Sophia said, If a author gets it right, you know? sometimes you read some stories and wonder if they even attempted to research anything. I feel if you're going to write in the genre, some research should be done.

    But I like finding books with various aspects of the lifestyle. It makes for good and interesting reads.

  16. Oh yea we were so havingthat chat the other day. It's awful when you can tell they just slapped something together and didn't bother to check out anything but the stereotypes in what they're writing about. BDSM or really any subject.