Review: Tea and Primroses by Tess Thompson

Monday, May 12, 2014

Source: Publisher on Authors behalf
Format: eBook (mobi)
Published: February 16, 2014
Author: Tess Thompson
Series: Legley #2
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense
Sex: PG - Mild Sexual Content

Tea and Primroses is a contemporary romance and murder mystery. The murder revolves around Constance Mansfield, a reclusive author. The romance revolves around Sutton her daughter and her former housekeeper's son Declan.

My main issue with this story is the way these characters were written. This is suppose to be an adult contemporary but at times I thought I was reading a story involving teenagers. These characters thoughts and actions bordered on juvenile and this reader just could not connect. For instance, Sutton who is now 30 years old had the mannerisms IMO of an senior in high school. I can say the same of Declan, also the romance between them was not believable. They didn't seem like a couple that were destined to be together although this is what everyone around them expected. It felt like the only reason they were even together at all is because it's what everyone wanted. They grew up together...were raised together so why not just end up with each other.

There is also a story within this story, a sort of jump between what is Constance's past and what is now going on in the present...her murder being solved and the problems between Sutton & Declan. There is a lot going in this book, there are secrets being held from Sutton and while looking for clues as to why anyone would want her mother dead, Sutton comes across what appears to be her mother's last manuscript. But it's really Constance telling her story, about her past. Sutton learns that her mother is not what at all she appeared to be. There is a reason as to why she was so reclusive and over protective.

It was simply too much in this story. The solving of Constance's murder and the relationship issues between Sutton and Declan were enough to frustrate me, but adding Constance's back story IMO didn't help at all. There are so many characters and so much back story, I truly felt lost. The writing is clean, but it also felt a little stilted and cold. There was no depth to these characters, no guts to the all felt very hollow.

Tea and Primroses is also the 2nd book in the Legley Bay series. I didn't read the first book, but that is a totally different story and has no direct tie to this book. So I'm guessing you can read each book as a stand alone.

As always, what I didn't enjoy...another reader just might. Give it a try if you wish.

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