Sunday Review: Her Savage Scot by Christina Phillips

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Format: eBook (ePub)
Published: November 20, 2013
Series: Highland Warrior Chronicles #1
Author: Christina Phillips
Genre: Historical Romance
Sex: Medium Sexual Content

Her Savage Scot was quite the excellent read. Connor Mackenzie and Aila, princess of Pictland made for an exciting couple which led to a very exciting story.

Complex characters combined with a very complex story line made this read nail biting and intense. Christina Phillips has made my love for Scots grow in leaps and bounds.

Connor was your very typcial Scot, a lil savage, a lil brutish, and a whole lots of sexxy. Aila was of course the most perfect princess. These two have a misunderstanding of each others people BUT they do have one common enemy and that is the Vikings.

As this story progresses, I continuously asked myself what would become of the relationship between Connor and Aila? would they survive the politics and betrayls from both their lands? Will their love survive the strongest of family bonds?

C. Phillips has managed to pen a very intricate tale...this is not your standard historical scottish tale. There is many layers to this onion to peel and I loved every bit of it. This is a wonderful start to what seems to be a fantastic series.

*As much as I liked this story, the price for the eBook is erm....pricey. Like more than $7 bucks pricey.

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