Cutting the Budget - The Rest of June

Hosted by Shari over at Delighted Reader. It's a great way to keep track on that book spending limit we alwasy set ourselves up on, but never seem to follow.
(*taxes are included in book prices)

I haven't forgotten about my book budget...I really haven't. As far as posting my posts on Sunday, well...that folks is a whole nother story. The books I brought are below.

Secret Love Affair by Sondra Wells - $1.06
Betting the Billionaire by Avery Flynn - $1.06

Cover Krack

That folks is a total of 3 books brought in the month of June totaling $3.18 which......leaves me with the amount $26.82 left. I've been trying to get my review books & tbr list down so I've been also collectively staying away from book websites AND only trying to purchase books I really want to read. This also means my wishlist is growing.......

Besides the prices of some of these books make you want to just put your money away real quick, lols. 

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