Quote-Tastic #21 - Come on You Cry Baby

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Hosted by Anna over at Herding Cats & Burning Soup, join us every Monday and share a favorite quote from a favorite or current read. 

This weeks quote is courtesy of Sienna Mynx's Black Butterfly.

Not sure how I feel about these character right now. They are all working my nerves to the nth power. But I will forge ahead and say a prayer...."lord grant me the grace not throw my kindle....lols". Whew! Heres a funny/cute/kinda/quote.

This is after Nolen busted his ass on ice after ice skating with Sydney.

"Need help?" Sydney asked, smiling down at him.
"No!" he barked. (why do men bark?)
She shook her head. "So your ego can't handle a little fall on the ice?"
"Just leave me!" he barked. (what? again..dude! smh)
She knelt beside him. "You're going to have to stop taking yourself so seriously."
"You brought me hear to make an ass out of me and to take me out of my element. Admit it!" His contemptuous tone backfired by sparking her anger. He looked up to see her glaring at him.
"And you took me to the private dining room at the Madarin, tried to dress me in a expensive rag and hand-delivered me by a chauffeur, I might add, to remove me from my element. Doesn't feel good, does it?"
Nolen's anger melted under the comparison. "I guess not." he conceded.
"Come on, cry baby," she said. She reached down to pull him up.

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