Quote-tastic #22 - Beast by Pepper Pace

Monday, June 9, 2014

Hosted by Anna over at Herding Cats & Burning Soup, join us every Monday and share a favorite quote from a favorite or current read. 

This weeks quote is courtesy of Beast by Pepper Pace.

I liked this book and my review will be up tomorrow. There are some funny, serious and very sexxy times going on in Beast. I chose a funny one for today. Ashleigh is a big girl and this quote she said to Christopher had me giggling. They're naming off foods.

"Vegetables actually taste good to me."
Me too." She said while smirking. "I like all food--which is my big problem."
He huffed. "Yeah you say you do, but do you like brussel sprouts?"
"Yes; baked as a casserole with sliced onions and cheese. It's very yummy."
"On the grill with a slight dusting of parmesan cheese."
His eyes lit up. "Eggplant?"
"Sauteed or roasted, but best on a veggie sandwich. Believe me Christopher...I like all food."
"You're a foodie?"
"Yes." She gave him a sincere nod. "I would even eat a cow's eyeball if it's sauteed in butter and garlic."
Christopher cracked up laughing. "I can't quite go that far Ashleigh. Headcheese stops me cold. I once thought I saw an eyebrow in a slice of the stuff." He grimaced. Now it was her turn to laugh.

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I don't know about eating a cow's eyeball. I like to eat to, but that is just not right. And headcheese? ewwwww! I remember my grandmother tried to get me to eat that onece. Worse stuff ever...gross!

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  1. Wow, um, yea, no eyeballs period, cow or not lol.

  2. LOL! I think Ashleigh and I could be gal pals. I love my food too.

  3. Lmbo...I thought that was so funny. Shoot, me.and food are good friends. ;)

  4. OMG Look at those books on the cover!! I'll eat the veggies but I'll pass on the eyeballs. Eww!

  5. Bwahaha eeeeewww yeah I'm gonna have to pass on the eyeballs myself. lol

  6. Rotfl...that line had me in snitches on the train, but ant animals eyeballs is just all kinds of gross