Quote-tastic #23 ~ When You miss Your first Kiss

Monday, June 23, 2014

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This weeks quote is courtesy of Tethered by L.D. Davis. I really liked this book...although I will say that the characters frustrated me to the nth power. The story starts in the present...skips back to the past and get us right back to the present, the quote below is from Donya's & Emmet's past. Catch my video review later today.

So....Donya feels she lost out on her first kiss because of Emmet. She & her best friend Emmy who is Emmet's little sister got a little tipsy at their first party. Emmet and his cousin Tack are trying to get them home.

"Hey," I said, smacking a hand against the glass. "Tack!".
He looked at me expectantly.
"Emmet stole my first kiss!"
"Emmet stole my first kiss!"
He looked confused. I motioned for him to open the door. He opened the door and leaned down to see and hear me better.
"Emmet stole my first kiss," I said one more time.
He raised an eyebrow. "You're drunk."
"No, listen, listen, listen," I said waving a hand and swaying in my seat. "Jorge was about to kiss me. His lips were on my lips and Emmet punched him. Gave him a bloody mouth. I didn't want to kiss a bloody mouth, but then it didn't matter because Emmet got all caveman on me and dragged me out of the party."
"Uh," Tack said and scratched his head. "Isn't Jorge a little old for you? I mean, you're Tabby's age."
I rolled my eyes. "We're all about the same age," I said. "You're not that much older than me. I'll be fifteen in days. We're all still in high school. It's no big deal that he's a little bit older. What I'm trying to say is you can kiss me instead and make up for my lost kiss."
Tack looked very uncomfortable. He backed away from me and closed the door.
"Awww," I whined and rested my head against the cool glass.

bwahahahaha! oh goodness, that was frigging funny when I read it. Because I can see that happening, I swear I can...LOLs!!!!

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