Review: Hold On by LaVerne Thompson

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Source: Purchased
Format: eBook (Mobi-Kindle)
Published: June 5, 2014
Isisindc Publishing, LLC.
Series: No
Author: LaVerne Thompson
Genre: Romantic Suspense/Interracial Romance
Sex: Sexual Content (18+)
Available: Amazon

I'm going to start by telling you exactly why this book didn't work for me. The plot was not believable, the love scenes I just wanted to be over and the romance happened too fast, I mean these two were in love with each other within a week..seriously? I stopped complaining about insta-love in novella's but this one was just...

I'm all for hero worshipping the guy that saved you, but a week?

Stephan Grayson saves Lena Douglas from a very horrible home invasion and a possible rape. From here, the story takes a crazy left turn. Lena finds out that she's being stalked and she doesn't know why. All she knows is that Stephan saved her life and now they are trying to keep the crazy person from attemping to hurt her again.

This story is so far fetched, that is the only word I can say for it. The perp that attacked Lena gets away AFTER he's arrested. Find out that her ex-fiance is the one who hired the perp to stalk and oh yeah rape her too! Find out that her ex is crazy (well that's a no brainer especially if you hire someone to rape your ex). Find out that the man is a big ol freak, like a whips and chains kind of a wasn't Lena's thing so this is why she broke off her engagement with him. Find out she only knew the fiance for a year...*sigh*

Stephan and Lena were not convincing as a couple, they were awkward and stiff. Stephan wasn't convincing as a strong male lead, he was unforgettable and Lena? ugh, her off and on feelings towards Stephan got on my nerves. Oh I love him...I have such strong feelings for him BUT then it was Oh, I'm moving too quick...I only knew him for a week. You think? Lena cried too dang on every five minutes, this chick was crying. I'm not sure how the author wanted her to portray her to readers because one minute she was this crying mess and then the next she was all like I am woman hear me roar.

I rolled my eyes so many times while reading this story, I thought I was going to get a eye cramp.

*um, I have a thing for Dean it seems these days ;)

I've read LaVerne Thompson before and loved her other work, but this story. It was not to my liking at all. There is no character development and the world building happened too quickly and it is vague, there was no rhyme or reason to any of it. This is a romantic suspense, but oh man...there is a passe romance and the suspense? well it wasn't suspenseful at all, it was a little boring and quite predictable.

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  1. Umm, this would be a no-no for me too. I'm not a big fan of insta-love, even when I read PNR and the couple are "mates." I like the relationship to build before things get hot and sexy! Hope your next one is better :)

    P.S. Keep it up with those Dean gifs...I can look at him all day! <3

  2. I don't really mind if the love happens quick b/c in fiction its quick, let's face it, but... yes but, the author has to make an effort to convince me. As to the suspense, even if its in a fantasy, it needs to make sense. So yes, I can see why this wouldn't work for you. Hopefully, the next book by the author will work for you better.

  3. Ok I'll obviously won't pick this up. Individually, I can deal with the cons but together? No. I've skipped a lot of sex scenes because I'm particular with those and if I feel it''s sex for sex, I won't waste time with it.

    Books like this makes one wonder what the beta readers said...

  4. me either Lori, but I know with Novella's its kinda of expected the romance is going to happen fast you know? But this one I just felt she needed to build their relationship better...there was no depth to the characters at all, they confused the mess out of me.

    You got it...lols, me too! Been watching Supernatural too, good gravy I love it!

  5. yep! there was none of that here. exactly! oh my, nothing made sense...not even the reason why her ex wanted her to stalked and abused. i definitely had some head scratching moments with this one.

  6. You're right, novellas are different. Did you just start watching Supernatural?! :)

  7. Girl, I started season 1 last night & then Netflix konked out of me. I'm picking it back up 2night! ;)

  8. OMG girl, you have a lot of yumminess and heartbreak to get to! Those Winchesters have more lives than cats...haha

  9. I don't mind so much either if the romance happens quickly (because I was once like that and married the guy, lol), so I know it can work. But it's the wishy washy you described. If the heroine actually verbalized the thought "I am woman hear me roar", I'd flat out throw the Kindle out the window. I hate that phrase with a passion (hate the song too). Thank you for the honest review. It's a pass for me.

  10. right! cons I can do, but not all thrown in one story. By the time they go to the sex, I was just okay...lets just get this over. And that's what if felt like sex for sex, I skimmed through them.

    Yeah, I wonder. I can't see anyone not reading this and not questioning some of the things mentioned. I looked the book up on GR & it looks like she originally wrote the story in 2009, but I guess decided to revamp it. Eh, it's not much better IMO.

  11. AAAAAHHHHHH! I can't wait! oh you got me so excited, lols!

  12. lols! but that's sweet ;) Got rid of my insta-love, he probably wasn't the one anyways, lol. That is a good word! yes! wishy washy because that's exactly what she was really. I just couldn't connect with her or Stephan for that matter.

    thanks Michelle!

  13. Girl, if you wanted the love scenes over *shakes head*

  14. I know! Melissa. eh...what can you do? smh.

  15. LOL @ eye cramp.
    My author alter ego is guilty of insta-love (in like 2 days *blushes*), so I can't much talk.
    Sorry this one stunk for you!

  16. lols ;) It wasn't so much the insta-love...this one was definitely the lack of character and story developement. Better luck next time I guess ;)

  17. Oh dang. I was thinking the same thing as Lily. Whew if you're just ready for the love scenes to be over that's...not good at all. Thanks for the heads up!

  18. was like that, smh. I know right? I just couldn't even get through them really :(

    no prob!