Tueday Jams #85 ~ Amy Winehouse

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I love this chicks voice and I still listen to her to this day. So sad that she's gone so soon as she had a awesome talent. RIP Ms. Winehouse...may the angels enjoy your talent as much a I did.

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  1. Oh yes. Love me some chocolate. It's kinda funny though you didn't like my insides and I don't like your outsides. ::snort:: but I love the insides of a york pattie. They're pretty good in brownies or hot chocolate though :)

  2. Lols that is funny. I yes..they are good in hot chocolate. I can eat a whole bag

  3. Love YPPs! These are always my go-to choice when I need my mint fix - and I really love the little ones!

  4. I knew the name, but this is my first time hearing her voice. She reminds me of Barbara Streisand a bit. Nice!

  5. Yum…love YPPs! I can't keep these in my house for long thanks to my girls and my hubs. I have to hide candy now days. LOL

  6. I love her! Back to Black is a fantastic song (my fav). The pain in her voice reminded me a little bit of Billie Holliday one of my all time favorites.

  7. oh Sophia, you just have me an idea...lols. YUMMY!

  8. LOLS...me too! My son eats everything, drive me nuts ;)

  9. really? wow...glad I introduced you to her voice ;)

    good point! she does Sophia.

  10. Black to Black is a instant replay song for me. Wow...yes Loupe, she totally is like B. Holiday in the aspect.



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