Video Book Review: Harmony by Sienna Mynx

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Below is my video review of Sienna Mynx's Harmony. This is a historical interracial romance set in 1920's. It is gooooooddddd!

Souce: Purchased
Format: eBook (NOOK)
Published: May 17, 2012
The Diva's Pen, LLC.
Series: No
Author: Sienna Mynx
Genre: Historical Interracial Romance
Sex: Strong Sexual Content (18+)
Available: BN / Amazon / ARe

Favorite line/Part
I had many favorite sections of this book, but this one was tops. Vinnie has decided to give his life to save Harmony's...but she's not having it and they have a exhausting emotional fight.

"Don't punish me." he captured her lips and tried to force her to respond. "I love you so much," he said against her tightly pressed lips, then eased this tongue between her teeth. "The last thing... I want... lose you," He breathed between deep throating her. If she stayed, he couldn't protect her. And if she left his death would be the only guarantee that she'd be free--he'd seen to it. 

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