Book Review (NA): The Space Between by Victoria H. Smith

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Source: Purchased
Format: eBook (Kindle-Mobie)
Publisehd: October 2013
Author: Victoia H. Smith
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance, Multicultral Romance
Sex: Strong Sexual Content (18+)
Available: Amazon (you can catch the entire series on sale right now for .99 cents)

The space between deals with the characters Lacey Douglas and Truman Drake. This is a new adult story, Lacey is 18 and drake is a year older than her at 19 and they are both out of high school...thank god!

The reason why I liked this story so much wasn't only because of the characters, both main and secondary. I also liked the fact that Ms. Smith threw very real life issues at this young couple. They faced many obstacles in this story, so let me get to it.

Lacey who is of mixed raced black/white is working to take care of her sick mother meets Drake at a casting party her best friend Margot throws, they both work at a opera house and occasionally Margot throws these parties (she also sells weed on the side). Drake who is the adopted Asian son of a senator of Illinois grows bored at his fathers campaign party got himself into some hot water when he gambled with the

wrong people who works at the country club the party is at. This is how he ended up on the west side of Chicago with Lacey's cousin about to buy drugs. While he's making the deal, he hears Lace's voice and is totally enraptured. After seeing her on stage he makes it a point to get the casting party he hears her best friend and cousin talking about to meet her. I will say sparks definitely flew when these two met. They pretty much acted on the instant attraction between them and were sharing their first heated kiss even before Lacey knew Drake's full name.

The characters -

I will say I had love/hate feelings towards Lacey. She was very judgmental towards Drake at the beginning of the story when she found out that he was from the North side of town. She just assumed he was this very rich spoiled kid looking for a good time in the "hood" and she did something really stupid. She was also like this martyred type of a character, you know. I understood the girl was taking care of her sick mother but at points during the story, I was really like enough already. Yes, your life is hard...yes, you do not come from the best of circumstance, but my goodness. Oh, if I read I can't be a opera singer because my mom needs me one more time, it was going to drive me nuts. She was like one of those folks you feel sorry for because they have a hard life and does the whole don't worry about me, but no really worry about me thing. Don't get me wrong, she was a strong character and she was a sweet girl given the the blows that life kept dealing her BUT there just some things in the story I couldn't connect with her on.

Drake was a little bit of a selfish ass and very arrogant. But was he also a good guy...he didn't let his family's name really make who he was. He didn't go around stating that he was the son of a senator, folks just knew he was. Drake also didn't feel a real connection to his family because he was adopted. His father barely pays any attention to him and his mother...I felt her love for Drake. But she was definitely cowed by her husband. She was the perfect senators wife and that affected her relationship in a bad way with Drake. Here you have this Asian kid who was raised by this white family and he didn't know anything at all about his culture. He was at a lost...didn't have a real feeling of belonging and while reading this story, you felt that from him right off the back. He dealt with a lot of ignorant people while growing up so it made him a different person than most of the kids his age and in his social circle. I liked Drake...A LOT, but ya'll already know I tend to be a little bit harder on my females than my males when I'm reading.

The secondary cast of characters was a good add to this story. Margot, Lacey's best friend was a hoot all through. She is the type of girl you would want at your back when some real bad shit goes down. I liked that she constantly pushed Lacey towards goals other than just being stuck in the situation she was in. Her cousin Marcus Derrick was a nice tie in too, I can see him and Drake becoming best friends. Adele, Drakes little sister was a good tie in too and she wasn't annoying even though she was 15 I believe. Lacey's mom even though she was sick, was a strong tie in as well. Drake's parents...ah, I can't say I liked them very much. His dad, I pretty much hated and his mother, I'm still on the fence with. How can you be ignorant and racist and adopt/raise a Asian child? IDK. The reason Mrs. Drake even got Mr. Drake to agree to even adopt Drake in the first place made me sad.

The Story Itself -

I liked how Ms. Smith threw real life issues at Lacey and Drake and it wasn't just their social and financial background, it was their race as well. They received ignorance and road blocks from both of their worlds. She wasn't afraid to go there with certain aspects of her story and I appreciated that. So with the combination of their relationship issues, it all worked out to flow into this wonderful tale of two people facing life obstacles to be together and together they are. I also like the fact the story was told from both Drakes and Lacey's POVs, it gave a good balance to the tale and you didn't get stuck with just one persons voice in your head.

Ya'll know I don't read very much NA stories, but when I do...I like for the characters to have a very adult way to them and these characters had that. There is also nice amount of heat to this tale..I mean a NICE amount of heat, so 18+ please.

The Gist of It -

All and all, I really enjoyed the read. There were some repetitiveness throughout the book, like I don't know how many times Drake mentioned Lacey had caramel skin or Adele's angelic face or his mother's porcelain skin or Lacey constantly stating Drake had mahogany eyes. Still this is a good much so, I'm now reading the 2nd book in the series. The characters and story line is intriguing enough for me to continue to find out more about where this couple goes from here.

If you're looking for a sweet NA romance with nicely arranged heat, then The Space Between is for you.

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  1. I saw this one floating around but couldn't take the plunge. Glad I got to live it through your review. I tell you I am loving the Multicultural getting around and a good BWAM is hard to find my favorite is still a short story.

  2. Oh been a long time since I've listened to him. He has some serious sexy. Whew!

    Those red solo cups were so random! lol

  3. me too Anna! I didn't even know this was his song until I saw the BET awards the other night o_O, lols. Girl, he got his sexxy going on here.

    what was it with that anyways? lmbo. I love Usher, but that was just out there, lols.

  4. I so loving multicultural romances right now and you are so right, tropes with BWAM is so few in far between. I've been looking and it really like looking for a needle in a haystack.

    I'm glad I enjoyed this one as much as I did. To tell you the truth if it wasn't for Drake, I don't think i would have continued with the story. I like Lacey enough, but man did she work my nerves some.

  5. I normally wouldn't read something like this, mostly because of the young characters but it sounds like an interesting story. I hate when an author gets repetitive, it can really kill a story but am glad that didn't happen for you here. Loved your review!

  6. lol it totally made me snicker. Was just so odd. I wonder if I'm missing something there. Like, are they supposed to mean something and I'm just not in the cool crowd? lol

  7. my son say, I not very hip to the current times, bwahaha!

    Lord, i hate to say...but i thought it was kinda corny...lols. I mean all that cool dancing and then...the cups..LOLS!

  8. I have such a aversion to young characters and mainly because I can't relate. I mean I was that age, so I understand angst and all that other jazz. But some things some authors put in these books is a little unrealistic. That wasn't done here...given their situations, Lacey and Drake were very adultish in mind and that poured out on the pages.

    Yeah, I can't do all at repetitiveness..drives me nuts. It didn't take away from the story though. I think this was a her first book so I'll give her a pass...lols ;)

    thanks Lori!

  9. I got this one free a couple of years ago and have I read it yet? Nope! Sounds like its a parts good and parts not so good that definitely has my interest. I appreciate getting your points about what to expect. And that is totally odd that these folks adopted a kid from another race when they have diversity hang-ups.

  10.'s been sitting in my kindle tbr list for a while now too Sophia and I have all three books. I've been seeing it pop up around the blog-o-sphere and wanted to see want all the hoopla was about, glad I did. It most definitely had its good & bad parts..but I think that what made the story all the more interesting.

    Omg, I just didn't get that. I kinda feel with his mom, she was just snobbish, almost like it wasn't intentional with know. But his father was definitely racists and snobbish. There was a part in the story where Adele invited Lacey to stay for dinner and his fathers comments made my stomach hurt.

  11. Whew so young! But glad it worked. it sounds like a great read and omg I am loving that cover! It's so cute! And you know when I see something cute...Imma gonna need it. lol

  12. right? I thought I was going to have a hard time because of their age...glad i didn't ;) its a really great read, I recommend it. Isn't that cover cute? I really like it. lols! I know you are ;D

  13. Yeah, I get angry over hurtful racist comments too even in fiction and never have understood where people get off feeling superior about that. Guess the guy doesn't have much confidence in himself if he has to put others down to feel good. One of those characters we can all love to hate. ;)

  14. Been awhile since I listened to Usher!!

  15. You had me interested up until the description of the characters. I'm not sure I could tolerate that mix of flaws. Thanks for the warning, and great review! :)

  16. oh dang it..sorry Anya :(

    I'll say the characters definitely grew on me by the end of the story ;)

    no prob and thank you!

  17. I like the diversity but with contemporary books, the characters should be its greatest strength because it doesn't have the myth and world building to fall back on. I guess even with the flaws it was minimal coz you're reading the next and you gave this 4 fuck me shoes!

  18. lols@ 4 fuck me shoes...yes, girl! *snaps in a circle* seriously though even with the slight flaws, it was still a amazing read. Drake made it worth the read..Lacey too. but more so Drake though...lols

  19. Despite this book's repetitiveness, it sounds like the author did a good job of the story overall. Lovely review!

  20. Nice review Sharonda! You know how much I love my NA reads, and I like
    the sound of this one. I get very confused with the NA rating for books.
    The sexual content I have experienced in my last few NA listens sounded
    very adult to me.