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Thursday, July 31, 2014

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Format: eBook (Mobi-Kindle)
Source: Purchased
Published: July 7, 2014
Genre: Historical Interracial Romance
Sex: Strong Sexual Content
Available: Amazon / BN

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Imagine being Taken by a man you dislike and desire all at the same time. Imagine being Taken by this man to a beautiful oasis in Africa where you will be his day and night.

Taken by KoKo Brown opened quite differently. Our hero or kidnapper is playing a game of Russian roulette. He's devastated that his love has left him and feeling he has nothing to live for starts playing the game hoping that one day, the bullet takes his life.

What a start to a story, huh? This story revolves around characters Khalid Francois Duïs, a man who is use to geting exactly what he wants and Olivia Bryant, a woman who has vowed that she will be no mans homemaker.

Khalid is Olivia's brothers best friend and these two have always been attracted to one another and one weekend while Khalid is staying at their home he and Olivia take this attraction on a whole nother level.

Olivia who is embarrassed by her reaction to Khalid's advances starts a dangerous game that ends up pushing Khalid to a point where his obsession with his best friends little sister goes to place where neither one of them can come back from without being damaged in some way.

The story is very much character driven as to me there was no real plot. Khalid's obsession with Olivia and her rejection of his offer to become his mistress drives him to the point where he feels that kidnapping and whisking her away to his mothers country is the only way she will see that she belongs to him.

Khalid was arrogant and a bit of a chauvinist. But it is the year 1908 and men back then pretty much had the thinking that a womans place was in the home "barefoot and pregnant". This is not something that Olivia wanted for herself. She wanted to actually use the nursing degree that she earned.

Olivia and Khalid were likable characters especially Khalid. He was as I've said he was arrogant, but he also didn't push Olivia away from having her dream which was to open a womens clinic. Even when he had her in the desert, he wanted her to happy. He just didn't want her to be without him.

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His obsession was beyond was quite crazy. I mean to kidnap a woman and take her to another country is just...just crazy. And Olivia as much as she fought Khalid initally...she had to give into her desires and finally realize that she wanted the man and pretty much was in love with him.

I will say that she worked my nerves a bit. I'm not a fan of the whole I'm a independent woman and I don't need a man thingy. Um, yes honey you do. Men are good for some things...lols.

My frustration with both of these characters were both their inablility to just admit their feelings for one another. You're both in this hot ass desert for weeks and not one professed their love. Everyone around them can see it and well I guess they couldn't or wouldn't admit it. They were both stubborn...bullheaded is more like it.

With someone's assistance within his people's tribe, Olivia manages to escape Khalid and return home. She doesn't let her brother know exactly what happens but she does return home pregnant. Khalid who refuses to go after her wastes away and this lead to such a epic beginning...him in some back alleys of Paris playing Russian roulette. He only crosses path with Olivia when he has to return to America. He and his younger brother are now racing.

In the end Olivia and Khalid do get together, they get their HEA. Olivia did have to man woman up though and admit that Khalid is just what she needs.

The story as a whole was good.The world and character building was excellently written. It was engaging and Ms. Brown's description of Khalids and Olivias time in Africa was awe inspiring.

If you love a good obsession story and might happen to have the habit of falling for a kidnapper, then Taken is your story. I highly recommend it. It's a guilty pleasure you don't want to pass up.

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