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Thursday, July 31, 2014

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So I didn't want to loose any review posts after Ana and I transferred over to Brazen Babe. So this is a repost of what appeared on SR AFTER the initial transfer...does that make sense? I hope so :) 

Season 1 and 2

Bring oh yee weirdest Netflix. *snicker* just wanted to say that for no reason at all. So today's review won't be on a book although the Netflix original is based on a book of the same name by author Brian McGreevy. I'm not much a horror reader anymore. I had my fair share of those reads back in the day. So when my niece knowing that I'm such a Netflix whore pinged me on FB and mentioned this show (she loved it btw and I will take her word because the woman got me hooked on OITNB) I decided to give it a try.

Let me start by saying that I dig the show, its all kinds of weird and freaky and quite frankly with all the crap that's on "regular" TV...Hemlock Grove is quite damn refreshing. Also, I DID NOT read the book people. So for you folks that did...umh, don't ruin it for me..okay? If there are big or little differences between the two and YOU KNOW this...please don't ruin it with rude comments or anything like that. I know some folks didn't care for the TV version and that's fine. BUT please keep the meanest to yourself.

You know I wasn't quite sure how I was going to do this review. I finished watching both seasons in two days and have a lot of thoughts and questions. So what I decided to do is break it down by seasons.

To start, Hemlock Grove is a fictional town based in Pennsylvania. In this little town you have the Godfrey family who is basically the towns wealth. They supply the jobs and all that other hubbub...oh and everyone and I mean everyone hates them...even the rich folks. But they're scared of them too. Right now on Netflix, you can watch the full 2 seasons and I cannot wait for season 3 because they left me in all kinds of WTF just happened here kind of thoughts.

It's a lot of secrets going on in Hemlock Grove, all of it orchestrated by Olivia Godfrey, Roman's mother. So finally, here we go. AND I will not be giving away a lot..its just that when you're talking about a TV show, it's kinda hard not to spill your guts about shit you did or didn't like.

Season one was slow to start and you basically are getting to know your main characters who are Roman Godfrey, heir to the Godfrey empire and Peter Rumancek, the towns gypsy and he's hated's basically the racist bs that goes with all that I'm better white trash than you type of nonsense. Roman and Peter eventually becomes friends during the series although their relationship is quite the rocky one. They definitely had a love/hate relationship going does get better in season 2 though.

Season 1 - There are killings going on in HG....young girls are being murdered. Roman and Peter who barely know each one another, other than passing each other in the high schools hallways decide to come together to figure out the murders. Peter is being blamed for the murders on the sly and the killer is trying to point everyone towards him. And as a side note, some of the towns cops are fudging idiots with badges. The cops figure its a animal attack based on the the way the bodies are found. This is where shit starts getting a little murky for me. I felt the show didn't explain some things very might have just been me, idk...let me know. Roman and Peter come together as well because they are both having the same dreams about the murders but the dreams are coming in bits and pieces and they need each other too figure out what it all means. But initially, they don't trust each other...its that whole vampire/werewolf don't get along thingy.

There is also the "the girl in between them" element and this girl is Roman's cousin Letha. I'm not even going to tell you what she really is to Roman, your ass will have to watch the show BUT man is that shit a doozey and so very fucked up. But I will say that it's not Roman's fault entirely. He doesn't really has any friends and girls only sleep with him because of who he falling a little bit in love with your cousin I think couldn't be helped. Although after watching both seasons, I see now that his love for Letha was innocent at first UNTIL his mother ruined the shit...she was a twisted bitch.

Anyways Roman and Peter are also loners, they don't really have friends and it's really in a sense because of who they are in town. So coming together to figure out what is going on with the murders start a relationship that takes on so much. Roman and Peter while trying to figure this all out become fast friends and then fall out because of the death of Letha (who btw believes she's immaculately impregnated by a angel..but she's not. IT was just Roman's mother Olivia fucking with everyone). Roman and Peter eventually figure out who is murdering the girls which btw, I figured out early on...she was easy too spot. Even though I figured out who the murdering witch was still addicting to watch. I wanted to know how and when Roman and Peter were going to catch the person/vargulf (mad wolf). In the end, it took Shelley...Roman's sister help though. Once she found out that the murderer killed someone who was nice to her...she saves Roman, Peter and Letha from death. But this comes at a price, she also becomes the towns hunted because now everyone think she's the one who was doing the killing.

Season one I rate a 4 because I was confused even at the end. Why? because yeah, I knew what the fuck Peter was, but what the fuck was Roman? There wasn't a lot of detail given and yeah...there were flashbacks, but those were not helpful. And poor Shelley. What is she? She is this frankenstenish type character, right. She big, strong, deformed...and she fucking glows for goodness sake. SHE is definitely half Upir. But there is something more to Shelley...I just feel it. So I left season one slightly un-fulfilled, but not quite. I wanted more. I felt a little like Roman...the hunger was getting to me and I wanted friggin more!

What I didn't like about season 1 - basically not enough information was given and the plot wasn't clear, it was a little all over the place. I knew there were supernaturals involved. But me...Sharonda, wanted to know who all those supernaturals were. You don't have to give me every last fudging detail but I want to know what the hell I'm dealing with. I don't like the little information that is given in TV, none of that. Do I want you to tell the whole story in the beginning? hell no, but I don't want to be the dog looking for the damn proverbial bone either #justsayinghere.

Season 2 - This season was much better...although I will say I'm still a little confused about Upir's. It was mentioned a lot..BUT to me, no real details were given. I think I just wanted the producers to say "hey, Roman, Olivia and Shelley are vampires" that's all! Anyway's Shelley is on the run because now she is a fugitive. The killer from season one is dead or so we think. Season two starts off with Roman and Peter breaking apart. After Letha's death (during childbirth) Peter can't he and his mom leave. Roman feels betrayed and with Shelley disappearing...he is literally at a lost. He lost everyone that was important to him. Roman also finds out what he truly is...HE also finds out exactly what kind of monster his mother is. I'm still not going to spill the beans much but there is also a baby now, Letha's baby (*whispers* we thought the baby died too...). So like I said Letha is now dead...died conceiving Nadia, her daughter. But who is Nadia's father? You would think Peter because of the "relations" that he and Letha were having...but he's not and I'm not telling. KEEP READING! There is a telling moment at the beginning that tells you who Nadia's daddy is.

Anyways there are new murders that have to be solved. But our supernatural team is not together anymore. Letha's death has driven our two young characters apart. Roman is fighting a hunger he can't deal with on his own and Peter is just gone. As always, the producers had to throw something in the kinks to make Peter want to return to Hemlock Grove. His mother is arrested outside of HG while they're at a funeral (none the less) and she is taken back to HG to face charges. Peter has no choice but the return to find a way to get his mom out of jail. He and Roman are still having the same dreams but their relationship is now in taters. Roman is NOT as welcoming as he was and basically tells Peter to go fuck himself when he comes to ask for help. I will say that Peter was not my favorite character this season, I didn't like him. He was stupid, no I take that back, he was impulsive and he didn't listen. His cousin Destiny (who btw is a physic...whore...physic, lols BUT without her, on a lot of the mysteries Roman & Peter needed her insight) warns him of some things and the snot nose didn't listen. Because Peter discovered how to turn into his wolf against the moon and THAT in this story will drive a wolf insane. Peter was loosing it and he was a ASS on all kinds of levels. Roman is dealing with the death of his mother (he killed her or so he thinks) and his sister is gone. He is also fighting his blood thirst. BUT Roman doesn't want to be a Upir. So he goes to Dr. Johann Pryce to literally have the monster removed from his body, he wants to be human.

So while Roman is trying to have his monster removed and Peter is being a A+ asshole. There is a band of religious nuts looking for baby Nadia to kill her. But they are in the midst of this, killing other families (why? because what else would religious nuts do?...). As Peter and Roman try to work on repairing their friendship, more comes in about Olivia, Roman's mother (the main bitch) and I'm telling ya'll she is what monsters are made of. Olivia didn't give a shit about anyone...not even her kids. She loves Roman and wants Roman to be this king but I think she would kill Roman in a damn instant. She is in a essence your perfect bad guy woman, if you crossed this heifer...your ass was dead...LITERALLY.

Roman and Peter finally come to terms about their friendship and this is with the help of a new character and of course...another female, Miranda. Her car breaks down in HG and she just happens upon Roman's house and because her car now needs to be repaired, she runs into Peter as well. She brings these two together "if you know what I mean" lols. She also become Nadia's caregiver. I won't go into so much, but there is a reason why Miranda is "forced" into Hemlock Grove and it isn't because of Peter and Roman. So after all the shit is said and done, Roman decides to stay a Upir because it's the only way he can save Nadia and his family. Peter...ugh, he helps save Nadia. But I feel that Peter will still turn against the moon and that will fuck with his wolf. Shelley is back and Olivia once again being the bad mother she is, took something away from Shelley...a new body and I'm wondering how she is going to deal with her mother's betrayal. Miranda goes a little bonkers and tries to take her life along with Nadia's but this big ass giant (I don't really know what the fuck it was) although they hinted at some kind of snake...dragon...idfk takes them both and flies away. So now baby Nadia is gone and we don't who the fuck has her or why they want her in the first place. Although it will all come back to Olivia I believe.

Olivia killed Norman, her brother-in-law and lover. Norman also turns out to be Roman's and Shelley's real father. He was such a weak insignificant character to me and I don't really have much to say about him. Just watch the series and you'll see what I'm talking about, let me know if you agree and I also think Michael, the towns new sheriff sent him him there to off Olivia knowing full well he wasn't coming back alive. But I will say that Norman was also Letha's figure that out. Fucked up, right?

Season two, I give a 5. It was much better than the first one. There was finally information given on what the hell Roman and his family are...although, still to me...not much and the plot in this season was much clearer. Roman grew a whole lot more and fun fact, the guy who plays him is Alexander Skarsgards little brother. He still doesn't like what he is, but I feel he realizes that he needs the Upir's strength to protect his daughter (wherever the hell she is at). But Olivia, Roman's mom stood out for me too. She, is a psychopathic nut that she was written to be and oh man you need that in a bad guy. She delivered that and so much more.

Bottom line, if you like the weird that involves vampires, werewolves and other supernaturals then I think Hemlock Grove is for you. A little slow to start and there is some confusing but its worth the watch. A warning too, there is a fair amount of sex and nudity.

Season three should be...interesting to say the least. And my main question is does Peter even know that Roman is Nadia's father? it was never touched upon and he didn't ask. He just knew that Letha is her mother....

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