Movie Review: God's Not Dead

Saturday, August 16, 2014

God's Not Dead
Genre: Drama
Rated: PG-13
Release Date: March 21, 2014

Director: Harold Cronk
Writers: Hunter Dennis (Story) , Chuck Konzelman (Story) , Cary Solomon  (Novel)
Starring: Shane Harper, Kevin Sorbo, and David A.R. White (Full cast and crew HERE)

College philosophy professor Mr. Radisson's curriculum is challenged by his new student, Josh, who believes God exists.

Ana: Alrighty, I’m gonna start this off by saying if you don’t believe in God and would rather not read a review on a movie that is all about religion, then you can go ahead and keep scrolling. BUT, if you are interested, keep reading :) Also, if you’re on the verge of believing then I’d suggest you keep reading as well. I’m not here to convert you people. I am a Christian and I am a believer, but I won’t bombard you with my religious beliefs. Like the movie says, “The choice is yours.”

Sharonda: Ana asked if I’ve ever watched the movie and I didn’t. Although I’ve seen the trailers for it a while back when I went to the movies. I agree with Ana and I am also a believer, I’ve always believed that there was a higher power at work. Now, me I’ve been back and forth with church (I can see my grandmother(s) rolling over…). But it has never been a lack of belief, but more of a question of my faith at times of difficulties that I’ve been through. So let’s start this review before I get all over the place..Ana?

Ana: lol. yes, let us start before Sharonda breaks out her Testimony xDD  

Sharonda: lmbo...don’t make me :D

Ana: lel… Okay! So, God’s Not Dead starts off with Josh, a Freshman college student who is signing up for a philosophy class, and when he’s signing up, the person signing him up tells him that he should take a different professor (because Josh is wearing a cross necklace). But Josh refuses and of course he has no idea what he’s up against. That being an Atheist for a professor who will then give Josh an ultimatum: sign a piece of paper with the words “God is dead” on it, or try and prove that God is alive in front of the entire class within the time frame of 3 class sessions.

Sharonda: I was kind of shocked that a college professor would basically (in Josh’s word at some point during the movie) pretty much force the students of this class to sign a piece of paper saying “God is Dead”. I  thought Josh being the only student standing his ground was something profound. And as he prepares to face his professor in class (since he took the challenge), he also in turn incurs the wrath of his girlfriend who pretty much tells him to go against his belief and sign the paper, btw I did NOT like that girl.

Ana: Oh, believe me, I did not like her either. And I’m just gonna stop there before I throw all my unchristian like behaviors in this review. Point being, I wasn’t a big fan of Josh’s girlfriend as well as a few other people in this movie, but they played their roles and they played them well.

Sharonda: LOLS and agreed. I just feel like her telling him to go against his go against what he believed in was just...idk, wow. I mean you can tell the girl was pretty dang on controlling, but what happened to supporting your man?! and then to throw in his face that you pretty much only chose the school you’re currently at because of really? But you are right, there were enough people in this story to dislike.

Ana: lol. yes, let us move on from that little girl xD … as the movie progresses, Josh gives his debates on why God’s NOT dead, pulling philosophical quotes from scientists and philosophers, even quoting Stephen Hawkings with “Philosophy is Dead” and then continues to say if this is true, then there really is no point in taking a philosophy class.

Sharonda: I really liked that part...lols. telling a philosophy professor that one of his idols thought what he taught is dead.

Ana: Aside from Josh’s “calling” to stick up for God and to stand in front of his class, his peers and his professor and tell them what he believes, there are other stories going on as well. Minor they are, but they’re all connected to one a way. Have you ever seen CRASH? Kind of like that… connected through the characters.

I really enjoyed everyone’s stories. This movie didn’t just throw quotes and scriptures at you, they told a story. They opened your eyes (and yes, I’m saying this because even though I believe, my eyes were opened just a bit wider, and made me see a bit clearer).

Sharonda: Good point on the Crash comparison. There were multiple stories and you pretty much got a reason why each person in the story did or didn’t believe in God. I appreciated it that...that you just didn’t have this professor who didn’t believe BUT there was a reason for his disbelief, why “he” felt God didn’t exist. It was a powerful movie AND a movie that made you think. No, like Ana said, there is no bible thumping...folks just throwing quotes at you. But there is a reason...a story behind everyone’s belief or nonbelief.

Ana: I don’t want to ruin the movie for you, as I’m sure Sharonda doesn’t want to either, so what I’m going to leave you with, is that I really enjoyed this movie. I felt it was empowering and very moving. Made you think  and kept you intrigued. I’ve seen my fair share of Christian/religion based movies and they’re all...very…bubblegum and cheesy and I will say that God’s Not Dead had it’s cheesy moments, but it was so danged good.

Sharonda: I really enjoyed the movie and I’m happy that Ana suggested I watch it. You know, I will leave you with this. There are periods...times in  your life when you are going through stuff and you just need something...anything to let you know that it’s all going to be okay. Yes, times will still be rough, but everything is going to be okay. I needed this movie...I really did. Just for the words spoken, the different stories told. It is an empowering movie, I agree with Ana on this. Its a feel good movie. I say go watch it, it’s worth the time.

Ana: And with that, we’re going to conclude our review with our rating. I’m giving this movie a 10 (and no, I’m not just saying this because I know God is probably reading this lol, but because I truly, wholeheartedly believe that this movie will help you if you’re on that verge of believing or not believing. And if you’re going through something, and just need something to lift you up. This movie will be that for you. I guarantee it). What about you, Sharonda?

Sharonda: Okay...funnies on  the God is probably reading this...lols, I give this a 10 as well. If you are questioning your faith or heck, if you’re not. This movie, will give you food for thought. I found myself totally engrossed in all of it. So yes, I believe watching this movie will help you with whatever you may be or not be going through because a little bit of everything was touched upon here. Yes, I guarantee too that you will be uplifted in the most positive of ways.

And yes, yes that is Willie Robertson and his wife Korie from Duck Dynasty ;)


  1. I had this movie on my list to see when I get a moment. I'm glad its as thought provoking and good as it sounded in the previews. Glad there is a storyline too b/c philosophy class...just not my thing all on its lonesome. I did my time there. ;) Nice review, ladies!

  2. It's a really good movie, glad I was able to finally get to see it. I will say Josh's character made that philosophy class very interesting indeed :D

    thanks for stopping through @Sophia Rose

  3. Definitely a good movie :) I didn't read any reviews on this at all, just saw people posting about it everywhere and decided to give it a go and I'm really glad I did. Thanks for stopping by :)