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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Hey Sexxy's! Sharonda here. I want to share with you today a lovely book bundle by a new to me author Tiana Washington. There's a historical romance and two...yes, you heard me two! vampire stories. AND guess what?, you can get this bundle for $7.00.

The year is 1540. Queen Dalana is found dead in Dunkirk Wood. Lord Talon of Ios is the accused tyrant. Refusing to admit guilt to the murder brings forth war and destruction by King Hanous of Camden, the late queen's husband. In his quest to return to the kingdom after ten years in hiding, Talon, the devilishly handsome, arrogant and smooth talking rogue learns that a new ruler sits upon the throne and discovers that he is the new queen's most hated enemy; wanted for murder, treason, and piracy.

Beautiful, quick tempered and powerful Narian, the young new queen of Camden, has one dreaded thought in her mind, finding Lord Talon of Ios and executing him for the murder of her mother and the reason she lives her life in utter misery.

Determined to get back to Camden, Talon had one thing on his mind and that was to kill the tyrant king for causing so much destruction to his people and to clear his name of murderer. Vowing to trample over anyone who stood in his way. That is until he met the fiery tempered Narian...the Queen of Camden.

Cresent Sun (Book 1)

When beautiful thirty-five year old Leelee Markum decides to change her life and move from Atlanta to Maine, she doesn't anticipate how much it will turn her world upside down. She wants more out of life...and she wants her mother out of her business! When she starts her new position at Vlord Enterprises, falling for her boss is the last thing she could have expected to do. He is like no other man she has ever met in her life-intriguing, brooding...and devilishly handsome.

Rich, handsome, arrogant, and powerful, Thayne Vlord isn't interested in finding a woman to share his life with; he's already loving his new life and won't dare fall for any woman. He's not willing to share his dark secret with anyone. Fleeing his village and keeping his past behind him is all that matters...or so he thought...

Cresent Sun: Sons of Blood (Book 2)

With the impending death of his father, Thayne returns to his realm of Armus to take his place as leader of the vampire clan.

Refusing to heed Thayne's warning, Leelee enters the forbidden corridor, and falls into a world of darkness, danger, and blood.

Driven to the edge of madness from the loss of his son, a wife's unforgivable mistake, and a merciless mother who plays sinister games...Thayne's wrath erupts, and Leelee's world is left in ruins.



To purchase the bundle or if you would just like to purchase the individually, you can visist Tiana's website, Here. You can also find Tiana's books on

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  1. like if I had 7 dollars tho xD i'm very pick on my "historical" reads. I love western historical romance and have only read one historical romance and it was very regal themed. I liked it, it was very good. But I might look into these as well :) gonna add to my TBR!

  2. Lols! I hear ya. I love historical romances myself and yep..I picky, can't be all willy nilly with those :)

    I'm going to try the hr, vamps I'm taking a break from right now, but I'm going to add them to my wishlist.