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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Hey Sexxy's...slow week right?! Well Labor Day is coming up and that is expected. But what about some MC dudes to make your day. Interested? yes, YAAASSS, I think you are :D
Please welcome Ms. Ambrielle Kirk...she was a regular at Salacious Reads, but best believe she will be a favorite here at Brazen Babes...
Listen Babes, you need to read this woman's work, because...because, it's the bomb! Do I know a motorcycle dude?  because if I don't, I need to find one. Wait...oh, yes....on to this spotlight.


Driven by Desire
Rugged Riders, #1

Tanya gets in way over her head when she decides that the cure to her lovesickness includes playing the field to her advantage. She vows to enjoy one reckless night with a man to help rid her mind of the ex who trashed her heart. There is one who fits the bill...

Marcus is the complete opposite of Tanya's ex. As a member of Rugged Riders, a notorious biker club, he and his brothers are known for their street-savvy swagger and their wicked ways with women. When they first meet up, Tanya and Marcus attain a mutual understanding, and she knows just what to expect from him--a thrill ride when she needs it and nothing more. When Tanya finds out that Marcus has more in common with her ex than she thought, she sets up even more barriers to guard her heart.

Not only is Marcus a beast in bed and a thrill seeker behind his bike, he dominates in the boardroom as CEO of multi-million dollar company, Svelte Technologies. He's no stranger when it comes to the game of pursuing what he wants. And Marcus wants Tanya for real and in his life exclusively.

Tanya will need more than just a helmet when she's driven by desire.

Available: Amazon / BN / ARe / Itunes

                                                                                                              HIT DA FLOOR!!!
Taken by Temptation
Rugged Riders, #2

Zaira Wright loves getting her way, but that doesn't mean she won't work for it. She's only a few assignments shy of making partner at her firm--and she intends to do just that. All her plans are in order until her father does the unthinkable and hires Trent Stone as the new CFO of Svelte Technologies. Zaira is forced to work with him, but her temper isn't the only thing growing hot when she can't agree with him. Every time they're in the same room together, she melts under his heated stare.

Trent scores a lucrative position at his most trusted mentor's company. He's been vying for the chance to prove himself loyal not only through their brotherhood and connection to Rugged Riders, but also in the boardroom. There is one woman he craves more than a leadership role and her name is Zaira. The only problem is…she doesn't want to settle down, but her hot temper sets his libido on fire.

Zaira’s world gets complicated when she’s taken by temptation. She’ll need more than book smarts to successfully escape a rogue.

Available: Amazon / BN / Itunes / ARe

Rugged Rider #3

                                     OOOOOOOHHHHHH....CHOCOLATE ON THE COVERS!!!HEEEYYY!

                                                                ABOUT YOUR AUTHOR

Multi-published author Ambrielle Kirk writes diverse, edgy and seductive romance: multicultural erotic, paranormal romance, and urban fantasy. A bestselling author in several sub-genres at ARe and Amazon, she’s a 2012 Swirl Award Winner and 2014 RONE’ Awards Nominee in the paranormal romance. She's a PAN member of RWA, FF&P special interest chapter of RWA, and co-founder and treasurer of Cultural, Interracial, and Multicultural special interest chapter of RWA.

She loves weaving tales where undying love is the main element. When she's not writing, she's plotting. When she's not writing or plotting, she's reading. She's a thirty-something year old wife, mother, book hoarder, 90s music fan, earl grey tea drinker, dark roast coffee fiend, platform and stiletto shoe collector, Keurig lover, and martial arts/action movie fanatic.

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  1. Those are some sultry covers, love it!

  2. Now see. THat last one looks like he might need a little help removing that pesky shirt of his. *nods*

  3. Bikers from Ambrielle? Very nice! I love her PNR so this will definitely be worth a try.

  4. I know.... *sigh* I'm totally in love with that last one.

  5. right? girl, I must get these...I just have too. LOLs!