Audio Book Review & Quote-Tastic: Heart of the Cowboy by Tali Martel

Monday, August 25, 2014

Source: Purchased
Format: Whispersync for Voice
Audible Release Date: December 23, 2013
Version: Unabridged
Publisher: Pink Lotus Publishing, Inc.
Author: Tali Martel
Narrator: Pepper Laramie
Length: 3 hours and 25 minutes
Genre: Interracial Western Contemporary Romance
Sex: Medium to Strong Sexual Content

My Review

I had first brought the book for .99 cents and then I saw that I could upgrade to the audio book for $1.99, which wasn't bad at all so I jumped at that deal. It was a slow work day last Friday, so given the length, I was able listen and finish to Heart of the Cowboy by the end of the day (unfortunately, I still had to take phone calls...lols).

The gist of the story ~  Lila has to write a story about cowboys for the magazine she works for, so her assignment is fly out to a ranch in Wyoming for the weekend to interview Jace Millet, owner of the Triple W Ranch. She thinks her interview will be a 1-2-3 shot, but when she meets Jace in the flesh...he blows her thoughts of what she assumed to be a cowboy right of the water.

Both Lila and Jace get to know each very well over the weekend and it's not just through Lila's interview with him, if you get my meaning. When the weekend ends, they both have to decide if they want to take the relationship further.

This was a short enjoyable story to listen to for the most part. Jace and Lila were likable characters. The author jumped right into the story and there were no dragging parts for me. I think what helped move this one along for me was the narrator Pepper Laramie. She did a fantastic job with both Jace and Lila's voices, her interpretation of both characters was IMO spot on. She handled different moments between these two characters quite expertly.

In short, this was a enjoyable audio to listen too. If you are looking for a quick weekend read or a quick story to get you through the day, then I highly recommend this one.

My Rating


Favorite Line
They reached her door at the same time, and as he leaned forward to open her door, a wave of fresh cut grass and cinnamon tickled her nose. Her eyes dropped closed and she inhaled deeply before climbing in.
Warmth crept up her neck. Had she seriously just smelled him? She'd never behaved like this around an interview subject. If she didn't knock it off, he was going to put her on the next plane out of here. 


  1. I often fall victim to the lower priced audiobook upgrade too. Damn you Amazon! LOL However, this would be the perfect was to spend a Friday afternoon at work. Plus, I can't help but feel a little bit naughty whenever I listen to sex scenes around my coworkers. If they only knew! Wonderful review. :)

  2. lols!!! omg, Amazon is always gets me with the audio upgrades. I purchased another one which I hope to be listening to soon :D

    Man if my co-workers could hear what I be listening to sometimes, I dread if anyone asks...nah, maybe not...I would love to see their faces, lols.

    thanks Carmel!

  3. I've never used that audio upgrade and you're right, its a fantastic deal so I should definitely do it once in a while. I like the sound of this one for a quick read. Thanks for sharing another cowboy hero suggestion.

  4. ya welcome :)

    oh that Amazon upgrade got me in trouble a couple of times, lols. but its a really good deal, you save like a good percentage when you do come across them.

  5. I don't read western/cowboys... this is in audio? Well at least you got a great deal being that it was a great book!

  6. we have to get you to at least try one :) yep, an audio. With whispersync, you can transfer between the audio and the ebook.

  7. Now that's my kind of job assignment. lol

  8. bwahahahaha! right? I would be on the next plane to the country in a hot second :D