Cutting the Budget ~ An Update for July (2014)

Hosted by Shari over at the Delighted Reader. This feature is a great way to keep track on that book spending limit we always set ourselves up on, but never seem to follow.
(*taxes are included in book prices)

July was a slow month in regards to book buying for me...meaning I didn't do much buying. In total, I picked up seven books...2 were free,  4 were .99 cents ($1.06 included taxes) and 1 I paid full price for which was totally worth it. I have been adding many books to my wishlist which to date, I have a total of 95 books but I'm sure that will grow because as I shave off more and more of my spending...I'm finding out that my wishlist is becoming a bit out of control, lols. And that is okay because I can catch items on sale or purchase the book when I really want to read it. And I found another FB group to be a part of and the books these chicks are mentioning are going to make my wishlist get blown out of the water...

Below are the books that I purchased in July.

Jezebel by KoKo Brown ~ $1.06
The Wolf Within by Cythia Eden ~ $0.00
Loving Gianni by Nikki Waters ~ $1.07
Scandalous Heroes Box Set ~ $1.06
Taken by KoKo Brown ~ .$3.20
The Mara Song by M.O. Kenyan ~ $0.00
Take Me A Romance Box Set (NA) ~ .$1.06

So all and all not bad I think. I'll update August according next week. Happy Sunday Ya'll. 


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