Review: Flirting With Chaos by Kenya Wright

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Source: Self Purchashed
Format: eBook (Mobi)
Published: November 18, 2013
Publisher: Omnific Publishing
Author: Kenya Wright
Genre: Contemporary New Adult Dark Romance
Sex: Strong Sexual Content (18+)

My Review

I would start this review and state that opposites attract, but I would be so wrong when it come to Jude and Rain. She may have been a little bit more subdued than Jude, but they both were crazier than a box of fruit loops.

son of a rock god and a porno star mother. Jude is use to the fast, rock n roll, drugs and women. His father helps in all of that. Jude was...hell, I don't even know how to explain the dude. He was this calm, charming, sweet young man one minute and then the next BOOM! there was this madness to him that could barely be controlled and it was one of those quiet sneaky calm madness, the one you never saw coming until you would find yourself with two black eyes. He...WAS...CRAZY. But oh so sexy too and in their world Jude is a young rising star in his own right. But he's fighting a darkness that is slowly taking hold. All he knows is he has loved Rain all his life and would do anything for her....anything.

daughter of a now dead rock god and now dead beauty queen. Rain, after the death of her parents is not as ingrained in the rocker life as Jude is, but through her friendship with him...she is still tethered to it. A college student and artist, Rain is sweet and innocent. All, she knows is school and art. A shy woman with no idea of her beauty, she hides in her art. But no one knows the darkness she carriers beneath that innocent face. She...WAS...CRAZY. But her crazy wasn't as in your face and volatile as Jude's though. All she knows is that she has loved Jude all her life and would do anything for him...anything.

The Story
It's Rain's 21st birthday and she wants Jude to "deflower her". She has been planning this for...well, I think since she grew breast. Jude agrees because ever since she grew breast, he wanted it too. And on the night that they start to celebrate her bday, things start to spiral out of control.

Rain isn't so sure she can hold onto her sanity and with the past slowly taking hold, she is drowning more and more. Her anchor has always been Jude, but he is slipping too...for while she struggles with her past, he struggles with his future. On a crazy ride of parties, drugs and sex both Rain and Jude aren't so sure they will come out of this with their friendship intact.

BUT there is one thing that binds them...that forever tethers them together. Rain's dark past...her childhood that is bathed in blood and secrets. Secrets that are slowly but surely taking them both over.

The Gist
Rain and Jude have been best friends since they were children...have loved each other since they were children. Their fathers were best friends and were the creators of one of the greatest rock band ever. It seemed that they are destined to be together. But Rain's constant fight with the past and its demons AND Jude's constant fight with his present is really the downfall for both of them. Oh and let's not forget Jude's father, Rain's "uncle" making things worst for this young couple as well. He was such a fudging perv! ugh! did not like that dude at all. Anyway, can these two survive her past and his present to have a future together? and can they survive each other? One weekend that was to be a celebration spirals out of control and our couple despite their love for each other is barely keeping their head above water.

Kenya Wright is a total crazy woman or she's a maniac genius....maybe, she's both. This story was all kinds of dark and nutty...I loved every last word written. I haven't read her work in a while and this is a total step away from what I've read before, she blew me away with this one. Rain and Jude were all kinds of crazy and they were one of these couples that you just knew shouldn't be together...knew it was a train wreck that WAS going to happen, but damn if it wasn't a train wreck you couldn't look away from. I'm telling ya'll after I read this, I wanted to smoke a damn cigarette...twice and I don't even smoke.

My Rating


Favorite Quote
"There's nothing wrong with you."
"Yes. There. Is. You just don't want to admit it."
"Not true."
"Get off of me." I formed my fingers into fists and hit his shoulders. "Move."
"No." He kissed my cheek. "And you know why you can't deal with me being fucked up?"
"Leave me alone."
"Because then you'll have to face the fact that you have problems too."
boy ain't never lied....


  1. I haven't seen this before, I love the cover art, and it does sound... intense. Rock star porn star eh?

  2. Ohhh girl this sounds right up my alley. I need more rock stars in my life :D

  3. oh it was really intense...good gravy, I really did want to smoke after reading this, lols. Well, there was some rock star porn going on, lols!!!

  4. Gurl! you will love it. Boy, Jude was messed up and Rain was messed up...they were soooo messed up,lols. But I loved the darkness that Kenya added to it too..good stuff.

  5. I had to lol @ the crazier than a box of fruit loops :D

  6. lmbo! they were. Goodness, there were times when I wanted to reach through my kindle and choke em both. Maybe I should stop reading these type of characters...Ive been saying that too much lately...lols!

  7. Wow! Just from what you've said, I can see why a non-smoker would want to smoke. It does take an amazing author to write a train-wreck story and still make the reader love the characters and their romance. I'll definitely read this one sooner or later. Nicely done, Sharonda!

  8. thanks Melanie! it was dark intense read.

  9. ikr ;) I love Kenya Wright and she really outdid herself least I think she did, lols.

    thanks Sophia! :)

  10. His character wasn't very likable at all, but I think we will get more of him if K Wright continues this story. Crazy characters just bring something different to a story sometimes :)

  11. I don't think this is a book for me - too dark for my present mood ! But it does sound good, good review - and great choice of song :)