Review: Nicademus by Sienna Mynx

Source: Self Purchased
Format: eBook (NOOK)
Published: August 4, 2014
Publisher: Indie (Self)
Author: Sienna Mynx
Genre: Interracial Historical Romance
Sex: Strong Sexual Content

I'm a huge fan of Sienna Mynx, the woman can write a totally engrossing story and have me lost in the world she wrote. Nicademus, I liked...a lot. But I didn't neccessarily love it either. And although I finished this one in one day, I did put my NOOk down multiple times.

Now although the main story revovled around Annabelle, a free colored woman and Jeremiah 'One Finger' Polk, a white outlaw gunslinger. There were also multiple character POVs. While this works in her Battaglia's series, here? I wasn't really feeling it. IMO, it didn't give us enough time to get to know Annabelle & Jeremiah very well.

Annabelle was sort of childlike to me. One minute she was this giggling innocent thang and then the next she was supposed to be this hard woman because of the way she grew up...I just couldn't buy into her character. She truly was this spoiled girl that Red Sun, her adopted father raised her to be. Her flip flopping feelings regarding Jerimiah was enough to make this reader grind her teethe. I know I'm relaying my personal shit when I say thins, but I feel that if you say you love someone deeply (the way Annie kept saying she loved Jerimiah)...then you should at least attempt to understand what that person is going through (even it it doesn't fit your agenda...hello!)

Jeremiah, I felt was not a match for her. He is the young man that just got home from the war only to find out that his family was murdered and his only agenda (until he meets Annabelle) is to find the man who stole from his family and then killed them. He simply wanted revenge, THAT was his initial goal. He ends up in Nicademus and on Annabelle's land when he finds himself injured and in need of help. I felt his character was much more mature than Annie's and that may be because of the way his life went, you know being in a war and dealing (or not dealing) with his family's death. I felt, that Jeremiah's issue wasn't so much that he didn't want to be with Annie because of her color BUT he was so intent on getting his revenge, I felt that he couldn't  see anything outside of that. So even though, he knew he was falling for Annie hard and fast, he just needed to take care of the person who did him wrong. And Annie's immature ass just didn't get it.

The secondary cast of characters were entertaining but again, their stories took away from the two mc's. I feel like maybe Miss Kitty's & Red Sun's story,  although entertaining...should have been a separate book.

What I like most about this story was the history and the attention to detail Ms Mynx gave. Her attention given to this pocket of time that revolved around a actual town that exsisted was nothing short of amazing. There was a town called Nicodemus in Kanasas that was established in 1877 and mainly occupied by blacks. I enjoy history and I love it when authors can incorporate it in their stories without taking much away from that part in time that really happened. Ms. Mynx is at the top of her game when it comes to this because you can tell that she did her research.

All and all I liked Nicademus. It was a well written story and the world building was pretty damn excellent. The characters I wasn't much feeling, but they were for the most part still likable.

And that ending? Good Gravy, I wasn't really happy with it. Because even if Annabelle does takes Jerimiah back, how are they going to deal with the man she's currently engaged too, she just kept telling him during their talk that she was going to chose him over Jerimiah. So will there be a book 2 to give us a little bit more about them? I hope so...cause to tell you the truth this was one of those endings I just didn't care for. To me, it didn't end in a HEA, it ended in a well, know?

It breaks my lil ol heart to give any book by Sienna Mynx a 3 because shit..I love the woman's writing. But will this stop me from recommending this book? "oh hell no". Listen, there is a cowboy in this story....a gunslinging, sexxy, irish, big "umumum" man here. Oh hell no I would not tell you not to read this. Go read it :D

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